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Now a new target date is set for 2020

report on Thursday stated that the UK government failed to meet their energy target of having 10 percent of electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as solar, wave, and wind. 

The energy target was set in 2000 and due to be completed in 2010. But according to the figures released by the National Audit Office (NAO), only 2.3 percent of the 10 percent goal was accomplished, leaving the government short 75 percent less than their intended objective. The NAO responded to this shortfall by criticizing the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)'s use of government funding. 

"The Department needs a more strategic approach to delivering government funding for renewable energy technologies," said Amyas Morse, head of the NAO. "This requires cleaner plans, better information, improved co-ordination and a more consistent approach to assessing results."

The NAO said the co-ordination of plans to offer support to consumers for renewable energy technologies has "historically been limited," and "there has been no routine collection of information on the spending and delivery by these schemes." They also found that the "government-funded direct support for renewable technology totaled GBP $265 million between 2000 and 2009." In addition, the NAO noted that this fund is separate from fiscal and regulatory support, like the Renewables Obligation, which provided GBP $1 billion.

The NAO isn't the only group upset by the deficit. Environmental groups also supported the renewable energy goal and were disappointed, along with much of the rest of the general public, with the government's performance leading to this failure. But the DECC insists that the UK is on schedule and now has a new energy goal set for 2020.

The new renewable energy target is to cut the emission of greenhouse gases by 34 percent by 2020. Many are skeptical of this goal because recent reports state that only 28 percent of greenhouse gas has been cut since 1990 by the UK. 

Despite the failure to meet the 10 percent goal, the UK government was successful in "delivering technology innovation" and increased the supply of energy through the funding. 

"At present, the 2020 target looks optimistic," said Morse. "The Department should complete work on developing its renewable energy plans as a matter of urgency, and agree responsibilities with delivery bodies for implementing the plan."

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