Samsung-manufactured device will sport front-facing camera and Android 2.2.1

No surprise here -- it appears that "The Great 4G Robbery" continues, with leaked photos confirming an HSPA+ version of T-Mobile's once-ubiquitous Sidekick. And like the HSPA+ MyTouch and Galaxy S before it, the new Sidekick will bear the 4G imprint in its name.

Aside from that, the Sidekick 4G actually does pack a few surprises. First, the new device will be manufactured by Samsung, as TmoNews reports and the pictures confirm. This is surprising because Sidekick traditionally was a Sharp product (with the exception of the Sidekick Slide, manufactured by Motorola).

Secondly, it appears that the device sports a front-facing camera, while retaining the signature Sidekick form factor.

The third surprise isn't all that surprising when you consider that the Sidekick line has been all but dead since Android came to town. It looks like Google's mobile OS handily won this battle, because the Sidekick 4G is said to be running Android 2.2.1, according to TmoNews.

Time will tell what additional features the device boasts to differentiate itself from, say, the G2. No additional specs or release date have yet been revealed.

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