SanDisk adds new high-performance SSDs

SanDisk has officially announced its new line of high-performance SSDs in the Extreme II family. The new SSDs include the U110 and the iSSD i110 integrated storage devices aimed at PC OEMs. The new SSDs are built using 19 nm manufacturing processes and use the SanDisk intelligent flash memory architecture.

“The SanDisk Extreme II SSD, our fastest and most responsive SATA III SSD to date, is a great option for gamers, PC enthusiasts or any consumers who want to get the most from their computing experience,” said Kevin Conley, senior vice president and general manager of Client Storage Solutions at SanDisk. “And, we’ve enhanced two of our most popular OEM SSDs to enable PC makers to push the boundaries of computing even further.”

SanDisk says that the storage devices are faster than the original Extreme SSD and the Extreme II delivers up to 550 MB per second sequential read and up to 510 MB per second sequential write. The Extreme II SSDs also promise up to 95,000 random read IOPS and up to 78,000 random write IOPS.
The 120 GB SSD is available at $129.99, a 240 GB version is available for $229.99, and a 480 GB version is available for $439.99.

You can read AnandTech's review of the Extreme II here.

Source: SanDisk

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