Only 332 Amperas were sold through the first five months of 2014

While many of our readers in the United States are familiar with the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, not many are aware that it has a badge-engineered twin: the Opel Ampera. The vehicle first leaked in patent renders back in 2009 and went on sale in December 2011.
The Volt has been criticized for inconsistent sales performance during its production run, but sales of the Ampera has been downright dreadful in Europe. According to Automotive News, only 332 Amperas were sold during the first five months of 2014. For comparison, GM sold 1,684 Volts through the first five months of 2014.

GM has had enough, and has decided to pull the plug on the European sales of the Ampera.
Over a year ago, former GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky complained about the cold reception that the Ampera received in Europe, remarking, “All the governments in Europe said, 'We want EVs, we want EVs.’ We show up with one, and where is everybody?"

The poor performance of the Ampera in Europe echoes that of the Cadillac ELR here in the U.S. The ELR, which is based on the same platform as the Volt and Ampera, found a home in just 390 garages through June of 2014.
Interestingly enough, the all-electric Tesla Model S has been welcomed with open arms in Europe – especially in Norway – and is even being considered to shuttle around UK government officials.

Source: Automotive News

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