Google Fit is Google's answer to capturing and displaying health/fitness data

Apple has HealthKit, which was introduced at WWDC as a new feature in iOS 8, and it now looks as though Google will have its own counterpart. The Google I/O conference, which is set to kickoff on June 25, will see the launch of “Google Fit” according to multiple sources close to Forbes.
According to Forbes writer Parmy Olson, Google Fit is very similar in concept to HealthKit, and will use open APIs to capture fitness data from multiple apps/interfaces in order to provide the users with a centralized health repository. Google Fit will also likely be able to interface with Google’s cloud services to share gathered data with health providers.

Android Wear devices like the Moto 360 could factor in heavily with Google Fit
Not much else is known about Google Fit at this point, like if it will be built into future versions of Android or it will be available as a separate download from the Google Play Store.
Google Fit isn’t the search giant’s first foray into the health scene. The company launched Google Health back in 2008, but shuttered it on New Year’s Day 2012.

Source: Forbes

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