It added 100,000 apps in six months

If you love the Windows Phone hardware, but have been skeptical about actually getting one because of the lack of apps, Microsoft has confirmed that about 100,000 apps were uploaded in just six months this year. 

According to WP Central, the Windows Phone Store just surpassed a total of 300,000 apps. It reached that milestone at the end of June. 

The Windows Phone Store had 100,000 apps in June 2012 and then 200,000 apps in December 2013. 

Microsoft said the Windows and Windows Phone app catalog has grown 94 percent in the last year while the number of active developers has grown by about 50 percent. 

In July, Nokia devices finally received the Windows Phone 8.1 update. So with updated software, more apps and nice hardware, Microsoft could see Windows Phone sales boost a bit. 

Source: WP Central

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