Delta said it would honor the tickets purchased at super-low prices yesterday

Shopping for plane tickets on Delta Airlines' website yesterday likely made many people dance for joy and fling their wallets open as quickly as possible, as a glitch caused air fares to plummet. 

According to Reuters, Delta's website suffered a glitch Thursday that dropped air fares way below their usual rate. For example, a round-trip flight between New York and Los Angeles went for as low as $40, when typical fares for that distance is around $400.

Further, a first-class, round-trip ticket between Los Angeles and Hawaii was only $200. This fare is at about $3,500 right now for traveling in January 2014. 

It's not clear what caused the glitch, but some sites say analysts employed by airlines to adjust rates may have punched in a wrong number on accident. There's no way of double-checking these rates when typed into the systems in order to check errors, so they can happen pretty easily. 

Delta said the glitch has been fixed and regular prices are up once again, but that it would honor the tickets purchased at super-low prices yesterday. 

Source: Reuters

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