The administration wants to partner with the tech sector to address certain problems

President Barack Obama is set to meet with some big names in the tech industry today in an effort to discuss some of the country's top issues, like and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). 

According to CNN, Obama will talk with at least tech executives, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and and Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

The goal of this meeting is to find ways that the government can partner with the tech sector to address certain problems like social mobility and income inequality as well as push for the creation of new jobs. 

Among the major topics of discussion at today's meeting will be the technical issues with, the NSA surveillance programs and unauthorized intelligence disclosures.

The website crashed shortly after its October 1 launch, and has encountered various technical problems ever since -- which prevented many uninsured Americans from being able to sign up for new coverage. 

"What say you, tech sector?"

Just last month, Verizon's Terremark -- which hosts -- lost network connectivity after a technical failure. The glitch also threw off a data services hub that connects a number of federal agencies and is used to verify people's identity, citizenship, etc. This verification is necessary to check if people are eligible for tax credits that cut the cost of monthly insurance premiums.

Shortly after, Microsoft offered its help with's technical issues. The House Oversight Committee sent letters to others as well, such as Kayak and Verizon, looking for help.

The NSA surveillance programs are also a hot topic, and many tech leaders have already verbalized concerns over the agency's breaches of privacy. Some of those include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberberg, who said the NSA "blew it" with the controversial spying, and Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, who said the NSA's spying on data centers was "outrageous."

But it appears the government is trying to correct the NSA issues to some degree. Last week, it was reported that a a presidential review panel is working on draft recommendations that aim to change how the NSA collects and accesses Americans' data such as phone records. They were to be turned in to the White House Sunday. 

Source: CNN

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