NVIDIA's MCP61S schedule
NVIDIA preps GeForce 6150LE, MCP61S

NVIDIA's most recent MCP roadmap revealed more details about MCP61 and also added a new graphics core to its desktop lineup: the GeForce 6150LE.  GeForce 6150LE (C51PVG) falls between the GeForce 6100 and GeForce 6150 series IGP chipsets.  The specifications of 6150LE are actually identical to 6150, but the core GPU clock has been reduced from 475MHz to 425MHz.  All versions of GeForce 6150 and 6100 are Vista Premium certified.

GeForce 6150 and GeForce 6100 are unified memory architectures, meaning the GPU uses system memory as its graphics memory.  6150LE will be an AM2-only product, which means it will be able to take advantage of the greater headroom of DDR2.  Performance of these UMA chipsets is usually fairly weak compared to other desktop components, but NVIDIA's current series is much more powerful than Intel's best-of-breed GMA950 solutions.  Intel is expected to announce a new integrated graphics chipset next month at Computex Taiwan. 

MCP61S, as we've reported before, is a single-core IGP chipset.  NVIDIA's most recent roadmap has this chip ready to ship in "August/September" of this year.  MCP61P, the mainstream single-core core logic, has been slated for Q1'07.  The chip supports x8 PCIe graphics, dual x1 PCIe expansion and analog output.  Although this is a newer core logic, it is scheduled to be the absolute bottom tier as far as pricing and features. Previous roadmaps have indicated this is a 90nm component.

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