Leaf battery packs may store solar power once they are ushered out of automotive duties.  (Source: Nissan)
Leaf battery will last much longer than the vehicle will

Nissan is working on what to do with the battery packs inside of its Leaf EV once they have reached EOL status for automotive duties. Once the vehicles are at the end of their life, the batteries will still have a very large percentage of their charge capacity.

Nissan says that the battery will likely have 80% of its original capacity when the car is ready for the scrap heap and have use in other markets such as energy storage. Nissan is looking years down the road when the Leaf is aging and there are old battery packs on the market. To find a green and profitable use for the old batteries, Nissan is pursuing the possible use for the batteries in storing electricity. 

The push to find a viable way to recycle the batteries also comes not long after the massive tsunami devastated parts of Japan and blackouts were common from damaged electrical plants.

Nissan has demonstrated a new system that uses old Leaf battery packs. The system has four Leaf batteries in a cellar inside a Nissan building. These batteries are hooked to 488 solar panels on the roof of the building. Nissan reports that the battery packs store energy the solar panels create. The power created is enough to charge 1,800 Leaf vehicles per year.

The Detroit News reports that other carmakers are working on similar plans to reuse their EV batteries including Toyota and Honda. These companies are working on linking hybrids with a driver's home to form smart grids. A Leaf battery with 80% capacity could store enough electricity for two days of use for a normal household.

Nissan Corporate Vice President Hideaki Watanabe said, "What's important for Nissan is to show solutions through EVs, step by step."

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