Most Netflix users prefer to watch streaming videos on a TV screen while most Hulu users prefer a computer screen

Video streaming has become a convenient and increasingly popular way of watching movies and TV shows in the U.S., but how users watch their favorites varies across service to service.

A recent Nielsen survey has found that Netflix subscribers and Hulu users both view video streaming in different ways, despite being similar services. After conducting 12,000 online interviews in March 2011, Nielsen found that most Netflix users watch their videos on a TV screen via a game console while a majority of Hulu users watch their videos on a computer.

According to the survey's results, half of all Netflix subscribers watch movies/TV shows on a TV screen using a game console such as the Wii, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Netflix users who watch videos on a computer make up 42 percent of subscribers, and 14 percent connect their computers to the TV.

Hulu users, on the other hand, mostly use their computers to watch videos. In fact, 89 percent of them do so. Twenty percent of Hulu users connect their computer to the TV, and only 8 percent use game consoles to watch their programs.

In addition to how they view movies and TV shows, Netflix and Hulu users also differ in what they stream using these services. For instance, 53 percent of Netflix users mainly use the service to watch movies while only 9 percent of Hulu users watch movies. Conversely, 73 percent of Hulu users mainly watch TV shows while only 11 percent of Netflix users use it for that purpose. Twice as many Netflix users use the service to watch movies and TV shows equally than Hulu.

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