(Source: The Daily Mail)

  (Source: The Daily Mail)
Medical breakthrough produces first look

Fueled by the hope of gaining insight into the birthing process and saving lives, a group of doctors in Germany found a way to capture images within the womb as a child is being born. A medical team at Charite hospital in Berlin, worked for two years to develop a magnetic-resonance imaging machine (MRI) scanner that would allow them to document the processes and movements inside of the birth canal during delivery.  

The team adapted the traditional tube-shaped variety of the MRI machine into an open scanner that would provide enough room for the mother to be contained during the birth.  The Charite team believes this machine could help pinpoint information which would help explain problems that result in caesarean sections as well as other kinds of complications at birth.

While the mother wore earmuffs to block out the noise of the machine, according to gynecologist Ernst Beinder, the birth proceeded normally.   

"We can now see all the details we previously could only study with probes," said Beinder. "These images are fascinating and proved yet again that every birth is a small miracle."' 

At least five other births are expected to be imaged with the special scanner, the hospital received offers from several expectant mothers willing to volunteer for the procedure.

Mother and baby are both reported to be doing well.

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