Companies finding great benefit in releasing mobile apps, even for roadside assistance and traffic alerts

Car owners have high expectations when they purchase a new vehicle, and it’s now going well beyond vehicle models, fuel efficiency, and engine specifications. The added connected features that include roadside assistance are often overlooked, but can prove to be extremely helpful to car drivers.

OnStar likely remains the best known in-vehicle communication system, including road side assistance and emergencies, as the company continues to refresh its services. However, there are new services available that offer easier access to roadside assistance help – and directions.

The explosion in popularity of smartphones has given service providers a unique opportunity to create user-friendly apps that can be utilized with major impact.

For example, Mitsubishi and Agero and launched a new roadside assistance app that can be utilized by Apple iPhone owners.

Agero, the roadside assistance provider working with Mitsubishi, gives drivers a network of 30,000 licensed towing service locations nationwide. Instead of needing to pay a fee for service, Mitsubishi owners can just use their iPhone to arrange a tow, have their battery jumped, flat tire changed, or other roadside emergencies.

The new Mitsubishi mobile app is available through the Apple App Store via iTunes, with continued support from Agero.

Launching an app beyond extreme scenarios only, Agero and other companies are wise to include trip routing and mapping while driving in the same vehicle.

It’s interesting to hear from companies such as Agero, which also advocates interactive speech recognition, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) looks to improve driving safety.

Mitsubishi and Agero aren’t the only ones involved in mobile app car services, with car rental service Avis also utilizing a mobile app. Insurance provider Allstate also has a request roadside service for the iPhone, and you don’t necessarily need to be an Allstate customer.

Whether it’s just an AAA membership or insurance-based assistance all the way to OnStar, roadside assistance clearly is a service drivers are seeking. Expect similar developments to take place in the future, as consumers seek more conveniences in their lives.

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