Microsoft talks Xbox One Xbox Live details

The Xbox One will launch on November 22 and Microsoft is offering new details about how some of the services on the console work ahead of its official launch. The new Friends App on the Xbox One console will automatically add friends from the users Xbox 360 Friends list. The Xbox One will allow up to 1,000 friends.

In addition to the up to 1,000 friends, Xbox One gamers will be able to have an infinite number of followers. Xbox One users will also be able to follow an infinite number of other gamers, celebrities, and people you are interested in. The main difference between Friends and Followers on the Xbox One has to do with privacy levels.

Users will be able to follow anyone they want, and will be up to that person to decide if they will follow you back. If the person does follow you back, a more interactive relationship is established unlocking the ability for both users to see information about each other including when they are online, achievements they've earned, and what they're doing on the Xbox One console.

“A great driver in ‘Forza Motorsport 5,’ for example, could have a huge group of thousands or even millions of followers all tracking their performance in-game,” Rob Lehew, Xbox Live Program Manager, said. “Those followers can have this driver on their personal leaderboard so that they can constantly keep track of how they stack-up, and they can potentially connect online with the driver to get into a race with him.”

The Xbox One will also have two different types of achievements with achievements and time-based challenges. Achievements on the Xbox One will be similar to those earned on the Xbox 360. Challenges will be available for a certain period of time and what individual players accomplish during that time will count towards unlocking the challenge. Some the challenges will require the community to work together and everyone participating in the challenge will get rewarded for it.

Source: Major Nelson

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