Diagnostic company Metabolomx announced its first-generation colorimetric sensor array's results today from a study that tested its accuracy in lung cancer detection

A diagnostic company has managed to create a test that can not only detect lung cancer, but also differentiate between types of lung cancer -- all from a human's breath.

Diagnostic company Metabolomx announced its first-generation colorimetric sensor array's results today from a study that tested its accuracy in lung cancer detection. According to the study, the sensor identifies a particular pattern of volatile organic compounds found in exhaled human breath, and its accuracy in tests ranged from 80 - 90 percent.

The study, which was conducted by Dr. Peter Mazzone at the Cleveland Clinic, showed that the first-generation colorimetric sensor array was able to identify lung cancer using exhaled human breath with 80 percent accuracy. The sensor could also detect the subtype of lung cancer with 90 percent accuracy.

"Our research shows that breath testing may help identify patients with lung cancer, as well as provide us with information that can help with treatment decisions, such as the type of lung cancer, its stage, and prognosis," said Mazzone. "The accuracy of these non-invasive tests can be further augmented when combined with existing clinical predictors, such as health status and age."

The specific results from the study are as follows: 81 percent accuracy for lung cancer detection; 83 percent accuracy in finding adenocarcinoma patients; 85 percent accuracy in finding squamous cell; 89 percent accuracy in finding small cell lung cancer, and 79 percent accuracy in differentiating between Stage I/II and Stage III/IV.

"The Cleveland Clinic results just published by the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, the reference journal for lung cancer, demonstrate the broad potential for use of breath analysis in the early detection of lung cancer," said Paul Rhodes, PhD, Founder and CEO of Metabolomx. "These results show that the first generation of our breath test technology compares well with CT scans. Detection of the metabolomic signature of lung cancer in exhaled breath is non-invasive, rapid, and inexpensive, and will become a valuable adjunct to help assess an indeterminate CT, and may come to have a central role in early detection and differentiation of lung cancer, while lowering costs to the healthcare system."

Metabolomx has already started the trials of its next-generation sensor array system, which is supposed to be 100 times more sensitive when identifying patterns in the breath.

This study was published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology.

Source: eurekalert

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