Intel's "Woodcrest" processor shows up with some surprises
Intel announces another server processor

Intel's newest roadmaps have confirmed to DailyTech that Woodcrest will officially launch on June 26, 2006 with shipping models before the end of the same month.  As an added bonus, the company has also announced the TDP envelopes for the upcoming CPUs: 65W for all base models (2.66GHz and lower), 40W for the low voltage 2.33GHz model and 80W for the 3.0GHz model.

Intel's Conroe processor also recently got a birthday, but Woodcrest will launch an entire month earlier.  Both Woodcrest and Conroe are based on the same Core architecture featuring 4MB shared L2 cahce, 1333MHz front side bus and two physical processor cores. 

Intel Woodcrest Pricing

Clock Speed

Xeon 5160

3.0GHz / 1333MHz

Xeon 5150

2.66GHz / 1333MHz

Xeon 5148

2.33GHz / 1333MHz

Xeon 5140

2.33GHz / 1333MHz

Xeon 5130

2.0GHz / 1333MHz

Xeon 5120

1.86GHz / 1066MHz

Xeon 5110

1.60GHz / 1066MHz


The 65nm dual-core Dempsey Netburst CPUs were just announced a few days ago as well. While Woodcrest is not exactly a successor to Dempsey, pricing and performance of the Core-based processor puts it light years ahead of the Dempsey lineup. 

Dell recently announced that the company would get into the AMD server market while simultaneously announcing it would pair its Opteron servers with Woodcrest alternatives.  The Tech Report already had an excellent preview of Woodcrest benchmarks if you have not gotten a chance to check it out yet. 

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