About 1M Blackberry users in India could lose service  (Source: RIM)
India may expect Google and Skype to hand over communications

RIM has found itself in hot water in a few countries in the Middle East, such as the UAE, because Blackberry servers allow messages to be sent between users around the world in an encrypted state means that governments can't access. Authorities in India have started clamping down on companies that enable communication online and through other methods that can't be traced reports Reuters. The firms that are being caught in the latest skirmish include Google and Skype.

The move by the Indian government could set a precedent that would have very wide reaching implications around the world. The Indian government wants the ability to track and read messages sent via Blackberry devices and other internet-based communications services. RIM maintains that it has no way to provide India or other nations with the data sent using its encrypted services. RIM has denied reports that it made special concession to other governments to keep its services in operation and assured India that it would cooperate.

RIM has begun giving the Indian government access to some secure data this week and the cooperation has so far kept Blackberry services within the country from being terminated. If Blackberry services were terminated in India about a million users would be left without service.

Consultant firm KPMG director Romal Shetty said, "There could be various ramifications for this. If this happens, every other country may want a similar thing and then the whole issue of efficiency and management of the services and data will become difficult."

India's Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram said in a statement, "Discussions for technical solutions for further access are continuing and the matter will be reviewed within 60 days."

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