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Apple's new release of iTunes 7 brings along a bunch of new problems

Just days after the release of iTunes version 7, Apple is facing a barrage of user complaints and reports about iTunes being well, not much of an upgrade. Steve Jobs demonstrated the new release at the special conference to an amazed audience on Tuesday, showing off features such as free downloadable album art, new view and sort methods, and gapless playback. Unfortunately, some core features of iTunes have now become broken.

Going through the Apple iTunes forum, some of the problems most frequently reported are:
  • Being unable to playback podcasts
  • Some iPod Nanos not being recognized by the Windows version of iTunes 7
  • iTunes 7 not being able to save preferences
  • Music often becomes jerky or distorted during playback
  • Music becomes distorted when switching to another application in the Mac version
  • iTunes 7 quitting unexpectedly
  • iTunes 7 freezes during library updates
  • Next track is played before current track fully finishes
  • Different types of coded error messages
Unfortunately, the above list doesn't seem to be all the problems that users are experiencing. Many reports say that iTunes 7 is a mishap of a release and that Apple should have done a little more Q&A internally.

Interestingly, Apple has been having a fair number of problems across its entire line of products. From notebooks to software, many of Apple's very own loyal users are beginning to question Apple's ability to deliver quality products -- looking good is one thing, but working well is something else.

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No problems for me
By L33tMasta on 9/15/2006 12:43:54 PM , Rating: 2
I can do all of those things. And I like the new look. It's rather great actually.

RE: No problems for me
By JDub02 on 9/15/2006 1:41:02 PM , Rating: 2
No problems here, either. I think the GUI refresh was needed regardless of the features. I also like the auto-album art download, although it didn't find all of my CD's.

RE: No problems for me
By piranhaa on 9/16/2006 2:02:25 AM , Rating: 2
Are they by any chance encoded with libfacc? I know the ones I had ended with that (as opposed to Nero's AAC), didn't want to update the pictures for some reason. However, I remember back when I still had my shuffle that if I had a picture attached to one of those song files, it would crash the shuffle for some reason.

RE: No problems for me
By alexsch8 on 9/15/2006 2:21:51 PM , Rating: 2
I also have none of the above mentioned problems with iTunes itself.

But it messed up my Acura TTS since some playlists changed.

I like the new look.

RE: No problems for me
By Solema on 9/15/2006 4:19:02 PM , Rating: 4
I've been having many of the problems listed, and others not listed.

For one, when I open iTunes and it automatically updates the iPod, it now leaves the iTunes selection on the iPod, and not on the Library, so I have to manually expand from compact mode and select library to play music. In v.6 it would allow me to play music from compact mode upon opening after updating.

Also, the music gets distorted no matter what I am doing, even if I am doing nothing but listening to music.

When I install iTunes 7, even after uninstalling 6, it fails to place the correct program icons on the desktop and in my Quick Launch bar.

The "Get Album Art" function has been useless, in my experience so far.

RE: No problems for me
By Wolfpup on 9/16/2006 1:15:25 AM , Rating: 2
Yeah, me too. I've upgraded 5 computers so far, and haven't seen any problems. Neither have my friends.

I've always liked iTunes' interface, but this cleans it up nicely-some of the newer features haven't been as well integrated until now IMO.

I'm guessing whatever's causing problems for some people will get updated quickly in a point release.

RE: No problems for me
By kelmon on 9/16/2006 6:41:44 AM , Rating: 2
This is just to say that I've had zero issues with the new application under Mac OS X 10.4 and have been really happy with its performance and features. The new incremental backup function was taken for a test drive today and worked very well. Overall I've been really happy with it.

RE: No problems for me
By dev0lution on 9/17/2006 5:10:32 PM , Rating: 2
same here. And it works fine on Vista without kicking Aero down a notch like IT6 did.

RE: No problems for me
By rklaver on 9/18/2006 12:44:14 PM , Rating: 2
I haven't had any problems with my 4G ipod, or podcasts. My girlfriend has had no problems either with her 4GB Nano, on winXP. I haven't had any issues on my Mac and the shared library from PC to mac were great too.

Like the new look as well.

An amazed audience?
By Bonrock on 9/15/2006 10:37:01 PM , Rating: 5
"Steve Jobs demonstrated the new release at the special conference to an amazed audience on Tuesday, showing off features such as free downloadable album art, new view and sort methods, and gapless playback."

Why is that so amazing? Windows Media Player has had gapless playback for as long as I can remember, and the album art and most of the new view and sort methods in iTunes have been available in the Windows Media Player 11 public beta since May. Honestly, Steve Jobs could claim he invented the sun and people would believe him.

RE: An amazed audience?
By clementlim on 9/16/2006 4:16:27 AM , Rating: 2
Is it amazing for people in the US to see fireworks? Nope? Well, I don't think so anyway.

But, is it amazing for people in the war-torn and starved nations of Africa to see fireworks? Yep, more likely to be amazed, cause they are not exposed to it before.

So, same case with iTunes users?

RE: An amazed audience?
By PrinceGaz on 9/17/2006 9:44:05 AM , Rating: 2
I know what you're getting at but your choice of analogy is less than ideal.

While people in starved but relatively peaceful nations of Africa might be amazed by fireworks, I doubt those in war-torn countries would be at all amazed as they see something just as spectacular (but a lot more deadly) every day.

RE: An amazed audience?
By bisoy on 9/16/2006 5:08:24 AM , Rating: 2
I can download album art in my Musicmatch jukebox even before it became obsolete (i.e eons ago)

more Q&A?
By SirHomeALot on 9/15/2006 1:59:34 PM , Rating: 3
Sorry, just bugs me when people use this instead of QA.

RE: more Q&A?
By freon on 9/15/2006 4:07:52 PM , Rating: 5
Not that I really care about typos, but they aren't even interchangeable.
Q&A = Questions and Answers
QA = Quality Assurance

RE: more Q&A?
By clementlim on 9/16/2006 4:12:55 AM , Rating: 2
You must preview before you can post.

So...what were DailyTech thinking when they are not doing it themselves?

Not limited to Apple
By Flunk on 9/15/2006 6:24:43 PM , Rating: 2
This statement "Interestingly, Apple has been having a fair number of problems across its entire line of products..." is silly. All major product launches have some unforseen problems and these problems are not limited to recent Apple products either, a good example from a while back is when Apple first launched the PowerPC chip (around '95 I believe) The compatibility with existing programs was dodgey the OS was crashy and 3rd party apps broke as often as worked. Apple worked it out eventually.

Like the problems that Dell, HP or Lenovo have all large PC vendors (software and hardware) are going to have some issues especially when launching entirely new lines (Intel Macs, cough). Apple is not some perfect ideal that is above this sort of thing.

RE: Not limited to Apple
By devolutionist on 9/15/2006 7:12:28 PM , Rating: 2
Holy crap - do you mean to tell me that an Apple can... *crash*????

Boy that just gives me the chuckles.

RE: Not limited to Apple
By mindless1 on 9/15/2006 9:43:11 PM , Rating: 4
"Apple is not some perfect ideal that is above this sort of thing."

Unfortunately for Apple, that is a large part of their marketing (mis)concept(ion).

Just isn't possible
By INeedCache on 9/15/2006 4:22:58 PM , Rating: 2
How could Apple possibly make anything that was even slightly less than stellar? This must be a mistake. Maybe they can make another commercial and make fun of someone else for their software.

RE: Just isn't possible
By arswihart on 9/15/2006 5:27:58 PM , Rating: 3
I think the quality of their products is just above mediocre, pretty much across the board. Not too bad, not too good.

Here's Apple's strengths:
user friendly
looks cool

Other aspects like hardware reliability are really just above mediocre I think, much better than bottom of the barrel crap, but often each product has certain issues that everyone must live with. This isn't different from any other competitor, say Acer for notebooks and iRiver for PMPs. It seems all these companies struggle with designing perfect products every time.

I'm sure iTunes will be promptly patched to repair the most grievous of bugs in the current release.

By robby97 on 9/16/2006 12:56:17 AM , Rating: 3
ITunes 7 is causing me more trouble than I could imagine. First of all, it has great new features. I like all the new things it can do, but it completely forgot about all the features that made ITunes 1 through 6 a great product. I have installed ITunes 7 on my laptop and desktop (both windows) and my roommate has installed the same on his Mac Pro. All of which are creating more problems. On Windows, I can not even play music. I've tried everything including finding the source and playing that. So I uninstalled ITunes 7 for ITunes 6 and the problem occurs that the music library is encoded for IT7 and cannot be degraded (opposite of upgraded). I'm still trying to find ways to fix the problem. Please don't offer solutions for me, just don't upgrade until Apple comes out with a fix solution.

By stubeck on 9/16/2006 9:48:13 AM , Rating: 2
Yep, I'm having a ton of issues too. Apparently you can't directly copy in music anymore (could just copy it to your music folder on the ipod, now you have to do it through the library) it says its copying over, but then it never shows up in the list.

By Sunbird on 9/15/2006 12:48:12 PM , Rating: 4
When life gives you iTunes7, make lemonade ;)

Patching is needed, but I like it so far.
By FASTGTI on 9/15/2006 1:24:28 PM , Rating: 2
I have had a few lockups and one aborted movie download due to a automatic reboot of the PC. I do not know if it was related to iTunes or a PC being a PC. I was able to restart the download and it pulled down without error. Other than that, I do like the new interface and having the iPod OS updater built in.

By Poximex on 9/15/2006 1:57:56 PM , Rating: 2
I've had playback problems with distortion too, mostly just when using Firefox with iTunes in the background.

All I had to do was pause it for a couple of seconds and then resume.

The cosmetic look is much improved, and it organizes things better (playlists, podcasts, etc.)

iTunes is never good to me
By EclipsedAurora on 9/17/2006 4:38:53 AM , Rating: 3
For me I never say iPods and iTunes are good products. Poor iTunes interface design, buddy database achitecuture, cheapie sound quality, and short battery life always make me stay away from Apple's protable audio solutions.

By hoppa on 9/18/2006 12:04:22 AM , Rating: 3
Is it just me, or has Winamp been doing most of these great new iTunes 7 features for years now? It certainly does gapless playback and album art download, and has plenty of different views. I don't get how Apple can call those 3 features that'd take a plugin writer about a day each to code an entire version upgrade, and actually announce it at their stupid conference.

Bloody Useless
By colgateam on 9/18/2006 2:48:55 AM , Rating: 3
Try running itunes 7 + teamspeak and prepare to get cd-skipping effect to blow your ear-drums

actually works fine for me...
By ForumMaster on 9/15/2006 1:03:56 PM , Rating: 2
my dad was downloadnig something so for some reason the first time i dl'ed the installer it would give me an error. i dl'ed it again and it works fine. the update is more cosmetic and i don't think it deserves a new version number. i just dl'ed it to fix my friends mini.

Only one issue
By ajfink on 9/15/2006 2:18:47 PM , Rating: 2
The only problem I've been having with it is adding multiple individual files, selecting a number of them with the "ctrl" and "shift" keys in the add file dialogue box. I really hope they didn't do that on purpose.

That, and as someone said, the album artwork feature is a bit spotty.

Glad I am not the only one
By Staples on 9/15/2006 4:41:10 PM , Rating: 2
Apple dropped the ball. It took me forever to figure out where the hell the podcasts were. And then when I found them, they can't be played right. What an obvoius bug.

By oopsyourhead on 9/15/2006 5:43:05 PM , Rating: 2
I've noticed the distorted music during playback sometimes. It will do it for no reason and then just stop distorting. Also, when you do the "Add File To Library" command, you can only do one song at a time, unless you choose "Add a Folder to Library" command.

No Problems
By Dennis Travis on 9/15/2006 5:43:34 PM , Rating: 2
No problems here with anything on that list so far both on PPC and Intel Macs and AMD 64 PC's.

i think..
By crazydrummer4562 on 9/15/2006 7:44:34 PM , Rating: 2
i think the new release is hideously ugly. I get playback errors where one track plays before the other finishes. the release definitely got beat with an ugly stick.

By barjebus on 9/16/2006 12:24:54 AM , Rating: 2
ahh, this makes much more sense. I bought a new expensive set of speakers and they sounded great...then i turned them really loud and suddenly everything was crackly!!! I started freaking out with worry that I already blew my precious speakers....but now that i've tried it without other programs running, I know the crackling is the bloody new iTunes :P I'll use windows media player 10 for the time being now, thanks.

Low volume
By sweb74 on 9/16/2006 1:50:19 AM , Rating: 2
I installed itunes that is unfortunely linked with Quiketime. Now all my volume in itunes and quicktime is very low, or no sound at all. itunes 7 is BUNK!

Problems here.
By lewismetoo on 9/16/2006 5:56:42 PM , Rating: 2
Improper program icons. After upgrading from 6.0.5 the desktop or quick launch icons for both iTunes and Quicktime are generic, "Unknown file" type icons.

This happens on only one of the three PCs I've installed 7.0. I don't know of any other problems because I completely removed iTunes 7.0 before using it and re-installed 6.0.5.

Not so with me...
By cubdukat on 9/16/2006 6:17:33 PM , Rating: 2
I recently upgraded iTunes on my Compaq laptop, and I have been having quite a few of the issues everyone else seems to be having, plus a new one that I haven't seen mentioned.

I also upgraded my desktop, and it's now telling me that I don't have administrative privileges to download album art--despite there being only one user on the computer (me, natch).

On the laptop, things are somewhat worse. I am unable to import my library from the previous installation (something may have been corrupted in iTunes 6 just before the upgrade), and I cannot see a way to save any streaming favorites that I had been able to do before.

To put it simply, iTunes 7 is more or less borked. It's certainly given me even less incentive to get an iPod. I guess I'll wait until one of the PlaysForSure stores finally start offering downloadable TV shows like iTunes. Of course, Apple will have probably released the 10th generation iPod with HD capabilities by then.

I hope they fix this thing soon
By jimeco on 9/16/2006 10:47:36 PM , Rating: 2
I got iTunes 7. It installed fine and seems to work (most of the time). Although it is a bit slower than the 6er. And what did they do to the Equalizer button??

My biggest complaint is that when iTunes 7 is playing and I play a video in Media Player or whatever the sound gets all crackly and the song skips like a scratched CD. Even if the video has no audio!

I sometime play games with the in-game music off and iTunes playing in the background, but guess what?? That doesn't work either!! Same problem!

I really hope they do something about it during next week.

Likewise, no problems
By JAS on 9/16/2006 11:14:43 PM , Rating: 2
iTunes 7 has worked flawlessly for me so far. The new "cover flow" feature is really cool.

By Serge007 on 9/17/2006 2:10:14 AM , Rating: 2
I've installed iTunes 7.0 couple of days after it came out. I liked the upgraded GUI, but there is a bug with the sound. Immediately after upgrade, all of my MP3s became distorted when played using iTunes. Same files played on any other player (I have a few installed) played same as always. I've tried rebooting my PC, and try multiple different tracks, all sounds like an old broken record, including apple's lossless files. I couldn't get rid of this problem, so I re-installed my OS from scratch, and loaded iTunes 7 (instead of upgrade). Works well, now expect for a hiccup now and then when the played sound momentarily becomes distorted. I have never experienced this glitch in previous versions of iTunes, nor any other player I've used to play mp3s. Also, when I start iTunes, the whole screen is black for couple of seconds. I don't know if the added graphics are stressing my components or what, but those are my problems with iTunes. One more thing... before I re-formatted my hard drive, I de-authorized this PC, and when I loaded everything back up, and re-authorized this PC, all of a sudden there are a bunch and I mean a bunch of TV shows that I purchased from the iTunes store, say that I am not authorized to play those tracks. When I synced my video iPod with iTunes it of course erased all of my video content that was purchased from iTunes and played before. I have now need to call apple to find a fix for it. I hate that about digital media, how in the world can't they discern between legitimately purchased media, even after I was asked to log-in with my account, which iTunes store recognized. It doesn't make much sense, but these are the facts...

It's driving me crazy
By MobileZone on 9/18/2006 10:00:12 AM , Rating: 2
Yep, I'm experiencing many of these problems. I'm even think about trading my G5 for a Vista powered PC, which is much more stable and faster.

My ITunes freezes the whole time and the Panther just freezes. If I try to shut it down or remove my pod from the plug, it just shows that blue screen and some fatal error.

Damn Apple Macketing.

Nothing new, but...
By waamatt on 9/18/2006 2:04:26 PM , Rating: 2
iTunes updates have always been known to mess up a couple people here and there. I've been using iTunes since the first version and haven't had any problems with updates since. My only complaint about iTunes 7 is it grabbing incorrect cover art or not grabbing covers for things that should be widely available (c'mon... NO Tool covers?).

The interface is OK in my opinion. I really don't care. My whole reason for using iTunes is how good it is at organizing my music. I like the Album Artist feature, though I have yet to use it.

It needs better documentation on the whole alternate Library thing, though.

By cspeye on 9/18/2006 6:27:01 PM , Rating: 2
Steve Jobs used to be able to create a certain aura of perfection and invincibility in his products. People who used Apple products seemed to love them, and never had problems. Those who weren't so convinced of the magic of Apple attributed their lack of problems to a small user base.

I'm not surprised at what is happening now. Those critical of Apple being better than everything else were right all along--now that Apple has grown huge, the same problems which plague PC manufacturers, Microsoft, and other companies now plague Apple. There have been reports of iPods destroying headphones, problematic software, and unsafe laptops. I expect more to come.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not attacking Apple specifically; I'm not saying they're doing any worse than other companies are in the quality of their products.

A friendly message to Apple: Sorry but your userbase is no longer a bunch of fanboys who might cover up the little problems here and there. If you want to continue growing in the market, you'll have to get back to reality and you'll really have to work on the quality of your products.

By B166ER on 9/30/2006 4:19:24 AM , Rating: 2
Ive read a few places that iTunes does video streaming, a la Winamp's NSV ceoncept. Is this true?

This is why i don't use iTunes
By neutralizer on 9/16/06, Rating: 0
By michal1980 on 9/15/06, Rating: -1
By PARUSA on 9/17/2006 4:12:35 AM , Rating: 2
for those in windows, just remove the ITL file that itunes7 created and some registries. and i reinstalled my IT6 because of that bug. err!

To the WMP fella
By lewismetoo on 9/17/06, Rating: -1
RE: To the WMP fella
By Zensal on 9/19/2006 7:14:41 PM , Rating: 2
At least WMP can play my music while I'm playing games. iTunes 7 can't.

RE: To the WMP fella
By glennpratt on 9/21/2006 11:59:43 AM , Rating: 2
Wow, clearly you haven't used Windows Media Player. A well trained chimpanzee could probably utilize 90% of it's features.

As for problems, please, start listing problems with WMP 10 or 11. I'd love to read about them.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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