New version of SimFree not only unlocks 1.1.1 hardware, but can unbrick iUnlock or anySIM units damaged by the upgrade

Apple's 1.1.1 firmware and its associated "iBrick" feature have generated a fair amount of press coverage, web site articles and angry blog postings. Some consumers have even gone so far as to file a lawsuit against the company for monopolistic practices and the official company response of "buy a new one" left a bad taste in many customers’ mouth.

However, as with many electronic devices in the past, the game of cat-and-mouse between vendor and hacker continues. The iphoneSimFree team released version 1.6 of its SimFree application, which not only unlocks the new 1.1.1 firmware, but claims to be able to "unbrick" phones rendered inoperable by the upgrade. On the iphoneSimFree website, the proud claim is made that "iphoneSimFree can FIX all phones that anySim and iUnlock bricked with the 1.1.1 update."

The brick-fix requires users to downgrade their iPhone's firmware to 1.0.2, and does require the user to pay the asking price of $100 for the software -- a hefty price compared to anySIM's cost of "free," but still cheaper than a new iPhone. The iphoneSimFree team makes a point to thank the iPhone Dev Team on their page as well, so there seems to be no signs of animosity for their competition.

While DailyTech does not have access to a bricked 1.1.1 iPhone to test this upgrade, a user comment on Engadget claims that the software successfully restored his iBrick to working status.

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