So let’s get right to it then. The Mobile World Congress which was held in Barcelona was well attended by Apple competitors who were busy presenting their new products. It seems these companies are in constant flux trying to products with better features to command market share. Samsung is almost always in attendance with it innovations following closely by a few other strong showings. The world and waiting and watching for September which has historically been the time when Apple debuts major new iPhone offerings.

Rumor #1 – iPhone 7: LiFi

LiFi is a new wireless standard that is able to increase bandwidth by 100 times compared to current WiFi connections.  LiFi uses a technology called visible light communication (VLC) which has been shown to achieve 1Gbps real-world result during testing. Loosely translated, this means that you could possibly download 18 1.5GB movies in a single second.

Rumor#2 – iPhone 7: Battery Life

Battery life a very important among consumers and Apple is aware of this fact.  According to one source, Apple will use contoured layered battery units and stack them inside the iPhone chassis to make use of every bit of space.  This method, already used in the 12-inch MacBook, allows Apple to pack more battery volume inside the iPhone 7.  The resulting battery configuration could produce twice the battery life we currently enjoy.

Rumor #3 – iPhone 7: 3GB of Ram

Apple analyst Ming-Ch Kuo projects that the iPhone 7 Plus will be the only one to feature 3GB of RAM.  This is a plus seeing as how the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus all came with 1GB of RAM.  The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus moved up to 2GB just last year making the 3GB of RAM for the iPhone 7 Plus less likely so soon.  The world is watching.

Rumor #4 – iPhone 7: Storage

We could be looking at the end of 16GB of storage as the iPhone 7’s base model is speculated to come with 32GB.  As an iPhone user myself, I have found that 16GB simply was not enough for my usage.  I currently own an iPhone 6 with 64GB of storage and I can’t go back to 16GB.  Can you?

Rumor #5 – iPhone 7: Intel LTE Modem Chip

Reports have surfaced of Intel working feverously to produce 7360 LTE chips for the iPhone 7.  These 7360 LTE chips are much faster than the ones found in the iPhone 6s and every iPhone before it and will be able to generate speeds of up to 450Mb/s in the downlink area. It’s also being reported that the new modem chip from Intel will support a massive 29 LTE bands.  This high quality modem chip consumes less power and will allow the iPhone 7 to be used with a wide variety of 4G LTE networks around the globe.

Rumor #6 – iPhone 7: Release Date
The iPhone 7 is highly anticipated to go on sale in the middle of September as has historically been the case with recent major iPhone offerings starting September 2012. Looking at the chart below we see the timeline for the iPhone which shows that Apple has shifted its iPhone launch only once in the past. The first four iPhones launched during the summer. The iPhone 4s came out in autumn and the other iPhones came out in September. The iPhone 4s has been an exception to this unwritten rule coming in October rather than the September launch date that Apple has followed ever since the iPhone 5.

iPhone Historical Release Dates

Year Date Launched iPhone Model
2007 June 29 iPhone (1st Gen – 4 GB)
    iPhone (1st Gen – 8 GB)
2008 February 5 iPhone (1st Gen – 16 GB)
2008 July 11 iPhone 3G (8 GB)
    iPhone 3G (16 GB)
2009 June 19 iPhone 3GS (16 & 32 GB)
2010 June 24 iPhone 3GS (8 GB)
    iPhone 4 (GSM - 16 & 32 GB)
2011 February 10 iPhone 4 (CDMA 16 & 32 GB)
2011 October 14 iPhone 4 (8 GB)
    iPhone 4 (16 GB)
    iPhone 4 (32 & 64 GB)
2012 September 21 iPhone 5
2013 September 20 iPhone 4S (8 GB)
    iPhone 5C (16 & 32 GB)
    iPhone 5S (16 & 32 GB)
    iPhone 5S (64 GB)
2014 March 18 iPhone 5C (8 GB)
2014 September 19 iPhone 6 (16 & 64 GB)
    iPhone 6 Plus (16 & 64 GB)
    iPhone 6 (128 GB)
    iPhone 6 Plus (128 GB)
2015 September 25 iPhone 6S
    iPhone 6S Plus
2016 March 31 iPhone SE


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