On Tuesday, hundreds of iPhone and iPad users downloaded and installed what they thought was the best iOS yet. However, for some users, the highly anticipated iOS 10 experience didn’t turn out the way they expected.

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Reports have surfaced that the iOS 10 update works on some iPhones and iPads while rendering other such devices completely useless (bricked). Apparently, the problem is isolated to users who try to install the update using the over-the-air method.  People who use iTunes to automatically update to iOS 10 don’t have any problems with the installation.


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Apple told media outlets that a brief issue with the software update process was the cause of the problem which has been “quickly resolved”.  Fortunately, only a small number of iPhone owners were affected by the update. This iOS 10 bricking issue seems to have been affecting all versions of iPhones and iPads.

The only way to fix the phone is to reinstall the iOS and any personal data.  Not to worry though, Apple stated that you can connect your device to iTunes and complete the update.

Follow these steps.

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or PC.
  2. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  3. Press and hold the device's Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously until the recovery mode screen appears.
  4. A prompt in iTunes will ask you to update or restore. Select Update.
  5. When the install completes, you should be able to use your phone again.

If you are still having trouble, Apple suggests using AppleCare.

Photo Source: Apple

Sources: USA Today, MacTrast

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