iMac users on Apple support forums report condensation behind glass LCD panels

Apple is certainly not without notorious build-quality problems. Users reported issues with almost every first-generation product: the iPod Nano, Macbook Pro and iPhone all come to mind.  Now Apple users report new iMac computers also carries this same stigma.

The first problem was officially acknowledged by Apple after the August launch of the new iMac’s -- the iMac Freeze issue. Some iMac users had issues with the computers freezing and requiring hard reboots to return to operation. This problem surfaced after Apple released update 1.1.

The freeze issue was later found to be related to the ATI video hardware. The Apple support forums are again alight with more reports of display problems with the new iMac computers. This time iMac users are reporting condensation behind the glass panel that shows up after short periods of use. Some owners report that the condensation goes away shortly and doesn’t come back, other users report the condensation stays for extended periods.

Some of the posters on the Apple Support Forums also mention that their screens are discoloring with a yellowish residue that some are describing as a grainy sand-like substance.

Apple has yet to issue a public acknowledgement of the condensation problem. Many users with condensation-affected iMacs are returning them for replacement. There is no information at this time on if the condensation issue is a line wide problem or just an issue with a few computers.

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