Apple's wearable is taking its sweet time to get to market, which gives developers more time, but dispels rumors of a Q1 launch

Rumors that Apple, Inc.'s (AAPL) upcoming watch wearable would debut in time for Valentine's Day in February were flat out wrong.  In an earnings call Tuesday, Apple CEO Timothy Cook revealed that the long awaited device would miss a Q1 launch altogether, instead shipping sometime "in April".

9to5Mac cites internal sources as saying that the original plan was to ship it in March, but that issues delayed it.  Reports have indicated Apple was struggling with battery life on the device; the most recent rumor is that even with fixes and optimizations it will only have a roughly one-day (19 hour) "average" battery life (3 days life in pure passive standby / 2-4 hours of life if continuously in active use).  This isn't a massive surprise as Tim Cook seemingly stated that the device would require "daily" charging, but some Apple fans are holding out hope for better battery life.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will reportedly launch alongside iOS 8.2, which will introduce a new companion app for the device.  The watch itself is rumored to run a stripped down version of iOS codenamed "SkiHill".  The watch is known to have either a 272 x 340 pixel display (38 mm face) or a 312 x 390 pixel display (42 mm face) (both displays are 4:5 aspect ratio).  Hardcore iOS developers have been coding up apps in the simulator ever since Apple released the Watch SDK in November 2014.

Apple Watch on wrist
The Apple Watch was expected in March. [Image Source: Engadget]

The watch's Apple S1 chip is reportedly similar to the Apple A5, which powered the iPhone 4S back in 2011.  The screen is expected to refresh at a silky 60 frames per second.

Apple is reportedly currently testing 3,000 of the smartwatches in the wild -- a relatively large internal test for the secretive company.  According to 9to5Mac, in addition to battery life on the firmware front, another hiccup has been the circular MagSafe charger, which was reportedly charging the device too slowly and having other issues.  Apple has been redesign the charger and will give it its best shot in April.

Apple Magsafe
Apple's circular MagSafe charger reportedly has (or had) issues, delaying the watch.

One item that Cook didn't mention was the pricing on the more exclusive variants of the watch, like the jewelers' 18K gold versions.  

Apple Watch gold
Pricing of the gold Apple Watch still hasn't been revealed.

Apple has said only that it would price the base model starting at $349 USD.  The price tags on the fancier variants have been the subject of wild rumors, but it looks like Apple fans will have to wait a little longer to get the final details on pricing by model, let alone get their hands on an actual Apple Watch.

Sources: Apple, 9to5Mac, via Engadget

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