LG Display just recently unleashed its 5.5" QHD panel for smartphones

It looks like the arms race in high-resolution displays for flagship smartphones is just getting started. At the low end of the scale, we have Apple’s relatively tiny 4” iPhone 5s with a screen resolution of 1136x640. In this day and age, the top Android competition is sporting 5” or larger displays with Full HD support (1920x1080).
However, screen resolutions on smartphone are about to take an even larger jump thanks in part to LG Display. The company just yesterday announced its new 5.5” Quad HD (QHD) panel that is aimed directly at the smartphone market. The new display, which is a mere 1.2mm thick with a 1.1mm bezel, offers a screen resolution of 2560x1440 (1.8 times greater than a Full HD panel). For those keeping score, this works out to 538 pixels per inch (PPI) compared to 432 PPI for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

LG Display's new 5.5" QHD panel
The first smartphone to launch with the new QHD display will be LG G3, which is set to launch in this quarter.
Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu, however, isn’t exactly bursting with excitement on the industry’s move towards even higher resolution display on relatively small devices. Huawei just launched the Ascend P7 that makes use of a 5", Full HD display. When asked about the move to QHD from competitors, Yu replied in an interview with Tech Radar, “I don't think we need QHD displays on mobiles. Your eyes totally cannot identify between full HD and 2K on a smartphone. You can't distinguish the difference, so it's totally nonsense.”

The Huawei Ascend P7 uses a 5" Full HD display
Yu added that two of the biggest knocks against QHD displays are cost and power. The cost factor is an obvious one with it being new-to-market technology that hasn’t sufficiently ramped up in scale. The power factor is also a big concern, because the appeal of pretty, high-resolution display is diminished if it drains your battery at an alarming rate.
Yu bluntly added, “[Your] eyes cannot see the difference, so why should we do that? I think it's a stupid thing."
What do you think? Are QHD displays on sub-6” smartphones “a stupid thing” or do you think that customers will actually notice the difference in screen/image quality?

Sources: Tech Radar, LG Display

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