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Ford once again gets bitten by the fuel economy bug; 200,000 customers will get cash refunds

There are mistakes, and then there are mistakes. Ford is taking it solidly on the chin this afternoon in a fuel efficiency fiasco that is reminiscent of the wide-ranging Hyundai/Kia incident from 2011. Ford already slashed the fuel economy ratings of its C-Max Hybrid after drivers and publications came nowhere close to reaching the EPA sticker’s claim of 47/47/47 mpg (city/highway/combined). Sales of the C-Max tanked once Ford revised its ratings to a more realistic 45/40/43 mpg.
Now, Ford is coming clean about the fuel economy ratings for six additional models. They include four versions of the 2014 Fiesta along with 2013-2014 models of the C-Max Hybrid (which is getting docked again), C-Max Energi, Fusion Hybrid, Fusion Energi, and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.
The fuel economy differences among the four Fiesta models are negligible, so we’ll focus primarily on the hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.

Model Revised
Lease Customers Purchase Customers
C-Max Hybrid   42 / 37 / 40   45 / 40 / 43   $300   $475
Fusion Hybrid   44 / 41 / 42   47 / 47 / 47   $450   $775
MKZ Hybrid   38 / 37 / 38   45 / 45 / 45   $625   $1050
C-Max Energi   38 mpg / 88 MPGe+
  19-mile EV range
  43 mpg / 100 MPGe+
  21-mile EV range
  $475   $775 
Fusion Energi   38 mpg / 88 MPGe+
  19-mile EV range
  43 mpg / 100 MPGe+
  21-mile EV range
  $525   $850

The biggest loser by far is the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, which has seen its combined fuel economy number plummet by 7 mpg. The Fusion Hybrid isn’t far behind, seeing its number drop by 5 mpg. The C-Max Hybrid, which was already docked back in August 2013, saw further reductions of 3 mpg across the board (city, highway, and combined).
In an effort to appease customers that have already leased or purchased the affected vehicles, Ford is offering a one-time cash payment as a goodwill gesture, which you can see in the chart above. These payments will be made to the approximately 200,000 customers affected.

Ford C-Max Hybrid
“Ford is absolutely committed to delivering top fuel economy and accurate information,” said Alan Mulally, Ford president and CEO. “We apologize to our customers and will provide goodwill payments to affected owners. We also are taking steps to improve our processes and prevent issues like this from happening again.”
“This is our error. When we see an issue, we address it,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. “That is why we notified EPA and lowered the fuel economy ratings for these vehicles.”

Ford Fusion Energi
Ford blames its error on the Total Road Load Horsepower (TRLHP) factor that is used to calculate fuel economy for new vehicles. Ford also stated that the discovery of an error related to how its conducts wind tunnel tests contributed to the fuel economy discrepancies.

Source: Ford

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