Joaquin Almunia will open an antitrust case against Nokia if it becomes a patent troll

The European Union (EU) recently sent a clear message to Nokia: Don't become a "patent troll."
Joaquin Almunia, head of competition at the European Commission (which is the executive body of the EU), spoke about his approval of the $7.2 billion sale of Nokia's devices and services division to Microsoft while in Paris today. 
But Almunia warned that Nokia could try to "extract higher returns" since it only sold its devices and services to Microsoft -- not its patent portfolio. 
"In other words...behave like a patent troll, or to use a more polite phrase, a patent assertion entity," said Almunia. 
If Nokia attempts to behave that way, Almunia said he would open an antitrust case against the Finnish company.

Joaquin Almunia layin' down the law. [SOURCE: 9 to 5 Mac]

Microsoft purchased Nokia's devices and services business back in September of this year for $7.2 billion (that's $5 billion for devices and services, and $2.2 billion to license Nokia's patents for 10 years). Microsoft is also gaining 32,000 Nokia employees. 
The transaction will be finalized during the first quarter of 2014.

Nokia attempting to take advantage of its patents illegally could be a real headache for Microsoft, which is busy with a list of other tasks right now like restructuring the company and finding a new CEO

It would also be a shame to see more patent wars out there, since Apple and Samsung have already launched enough patent disputes globally. The two companies have been fighting over patents since 2011, when Apple initially accused Samsung of being an iPhone and iPad copycat and tried to ban its Galaxy devices as well as many others around the world. Samsung fought back in an effort to protect its devices and intellectual property while trying to grab a few iPhone bans as well. 

Source: Associated Press

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