No more Tiger Woods games coming from EA Sports

EA Sports and Tiger Woods have announced that they had made a mutual decision to end their partnership. That means that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will be the last in a long series of Woods-backed golfing games.

However, the Tiger Woods-EA Sports divorce doesn't mean that aren’t new golf games in the works. EA Sports has announced that it's working on a next generation golf game and is offering up a few details of what the next generation game will bring.

EA Sports says that moving forward it will continue to work with the PGA Tour exclusively to create golfing titles and that partnership remains strong. EA Sports also notes that it will be creating a new golf experience leveraging the best technologies to provide players with immersive games for mobile and next-generation consoles.
The company wrote, "EA SPORTS golf fans have always loved authentic courses and players, but they've also asked for more choice and customization in how and where they play.  We're working on a new approach to deliver the best golf experience to our fans — we think you'll love it, and so we’re excited to share the first screenshot of our next generation golf game currently in development. "

The attached image shows the huge difference in quality and realism between the next generation game and the current generation golf game. However, it's likely that such photo-realism will only be for next-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
EA Sports promises more news about the future golf game is coming soon.

Source: EA Sports

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