NEC's Packard Bell division is up for bids but no checks have been cut

Back in January, DailyTech reported that NEC was putting up its Packard Bell division up for bids, despite having a good year in 2005. Reports today have surfaced indicating that NEC has finally received a bid for its Packard Bell division. Forbes reports that the founder of eMachines, Lap Shun Hui, has put in a 10B yen (about $87M USD) offer for Packard Bell. As many know, both eMachines and Packard Bell play in the same entry-level market.

Packard Bell was a big player several years ago in the US but retreated to Europe due to heavy competition in the Americas. Since then, the company has gone through several phases of restructuring. In fact, Packard Bell was doing so well in Europe that NEC ended up devoting its entire Livingston factory to just producing Packard Bell machines.

While the company did well in 2005, analysts report said that Packard Bell lost some market share in Europe due to increased price competition from other players. However, Packard Bell's communications director Hughes Gontier indicated that despite the loss of some market share, the company did not lose money. Some of the company's employees were notified that an offer was put up but not much else was revealed. It is uncertain at this time if NEC will accept Shun Hui's offer.

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