Gorilla Glass will be used in one high-end automobile next year

You may not realize it, but if you own an iPhone you have touched and own a piece of Gorilla Glass from Corning. Gorilla Glass is a special type of glass that is both strong and lightweight.
Because of its strength and scratch resistance, the glass can currently be found in about 1.5 billion electronic devices around the world.
However, the next market Corning is looking to conquer is in the automotive realm. Corning says that Gorilla Glass may be used replace some of the standard glass windows used in automobiles. One clear benefit of using Gorilla Glass in automobiles would be stronger glass that's less likely to break if hit by something like hail or an errant baseball, but that's not the big push for automotive manufacturers.

Automotive manufacturers are looking for every possible way to construct lighter vehicles that will have better fuel efficiency. Using Gorilla Glass could help reduce the vehicle's weight and lower its center of mass helping to improve fuel economy by a few percent. The exact improvement in fuel economy would depend on how much of the Gorilla Glass was used in the vehicle.

Corning senior vice president Jeffrey Evensen says that vehicles that use Gorilla Class will also be quieter inside. Evensen didn't name names, but he did say that at least one high-end automotive manufacturer will offer cars that use some Gorilla Glass within the next year.

Another interesting new product that Corning is working on is called Willow Glass. This is a glass material that is flexible like plastic, and described as being as thin as a dollar bill with the durability and stability of normal glass.

Source: Technology Review

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