A group of SWAT cops were caught playing Wii bowling during a raid on the suspect's TV. The suspect's hidden camera captured everything -- even their victory dances.  (Source: CNET)
Wii turns out to be more addictive than crack, even cops are hooked

Addictions make people do horrible things.  For example, it can make people play video games on the job, despite their better judgment.  That's what happened with one particularly addictive video game system, the Nintendo Wii.  And it wasn't just any average Joe that was playing it -- a group of cops were apparently caught playing the Wii during a drug raid.  As stated, addiction can make people do terrible things.

The seasoned cops busted into the house of Michael Difalco, an alleged drug dealer who was already in custody.  Searching it for drugs, they found a bag that they suspected to contain methamphetamine.  Then they found something much more intriguing and addictive -- the suspect's big screen TV (bought with ill-gotten money in all likelihood) and a Nintendo Wii. 

Succumbing to their addiction, more than one male and female cop began playing rounds of Wii Bowling as they cataloged evidence.  Their romp even featured celebratory posturing on some of their strikes.  And unfortunately it was all caught by the suspect's hidden camera.

The cops may have landed in a bit of trouble for their behavior.  Defense attorney Rick Escobar who revealed the footage says it's proof that the police executed the warrant inappropriately and violated his client's rights.  Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd agrees that the Wii-playing may have been ill-considered, but defends the search, stating, "We executed that search warrant appropriately from a legal sense."

Ironically, the hidden camera was housed in a faux speaker attached to the suspect's computer.  For some reason the police did not decide to seize the computer, despite the fact that it might have contained evidence of wrongdoing.  If they had, they might have prevented the embarrassing footage from leaking.

In the end, though, leak it did and the world gets a glimpse of the effects of Wii addiction on the brain.  The footage also lends hope to those that wish that antics found on shows like Reno 911 would occur in real life.  The trial between the red-fingered cops and the Wii-didn't-do-it drug dealer should be an entertaining one, to say the least.

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