Thor Shield serves as a defense against a stun gun attack

We've all seen what happens when a human is hit by a stun gun. Taser guns work by shooting two electrodes into the body that form a circuit to transfer 50,000 volts of electricity. The shock is powerful enough to immobilize an individual instantly.

A company called G2 Consulting has developed a successful counter to these stun weapons. Thor Shield is made from a polyester fabric which is bonded with a conducted material. As a result, Thor Shield effectively loops the electricity back to the source. writes:

Because Thor Shield is conductive, it can complete the circuit with probes without having the electricity pass through an individual's body. In a video submitted by G2--and not independently tested by CNET Williams, G2's other co-owner, takes a jolt to the head from a stun gun but remains unfazed. He is wearing a cap made of the material, according to G2. He also remains nonchalant in a Thor Shield windbreaker after being repeatedly zapped.

G2 plans to sell the material to law enforcement agencies and the military only -- civilians need not apply. Law enforcement agencies have already contacted G2 in regards to the Thor Shield as there have been recent incidents where officers have had their stun gun taken by criminals and used against them. Officers wearing uniforms or vests made out of this material would be able to neutralize the possible threat.

Not surprisingly, Taser has declined to speak about the matter to either DailyTech, G2 or CNET.

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