Audi's new virtual cockpit is full of win

Audi has yet to show off the exterior of its next generation TT sports car, but the German auto manufacturers is taking the opportunity to showcase the vehicle’s interior at CES.
When it comes to the interior design, Audi has done away with what has become a growing trend — for better or worse — in automotive interior design: huge, central display screens. Many cars today come with large central displays that present infotainment options and vehicle navigation. In the case of the Tesla Model S, its center stack is dominated by a huge, 17” display.

Audi, on the other hand, has completely removed the central display unit and replaced it with a 12.3” display screen directly in front of the driver. Not only does it provide basic information like speed, RPM, and fuel levels like you would typically expect in “Classic” mode, but it can also present all entertainment options to the driver as well as an overlay for navigation in “Infotainment” mode.

Another ingenious touch are the air vents, which Audi says are shaped like jet engines. The actual controls for air conditioning are contained within the vents, while a small LCD on the center of each vent displays the current temperature.

Taken in total, Audi’s design decisions with the interior makes for an uncluttered look and allows the driver to focus more on driving. The company has definitely impressed us with the next generation TT’s interior, so we can’t wait to see how they deliver with the exterior.

Source: Audi

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