BMW sees impressive demand for high-end i8 hybrid

BMW has found success early on with its hybrid sports car called the i8. The car will enter series production in April with customer delivers starting in June.
In statement, BMW explained, "Demand for the BMW i8 is already exceeding the planned production volume during ramp-up."
The catch to this statement is that BMW hasn't said exactly how many of the cars it plans to produce.

The gas engine in the car is a small 3-cylinder unit that produces 231 hp with the help of a turbo. The electric motor in the car drives the front wheels and is a 96kw unit. The i8 will produce a combined 362 hp from its hybrid powertrain. BMW promises a total driving range of 373 miles.
The i8, like its cheaper i3 sibling, will make extensive use of carbon fiber to keep weight down. The waste materials used in the construction of the i3 and i8 will be use to make carbon fiber wheels, drive shafts, and steering wheels.
The i8 hybrid sports car is priced at nearly $136,000.

Source: Reuters

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