BlackBerry says that the PassPort's 1440x1440 display is perfect for medical professionals

You may not typically think of using a smartphone for displaying medical x-rays, but BlackBerry today is championing its upcoming Passport smartphone as a perfect sidekick for just that task.
BlackBerry’s Donny Halliwell says that the 4.5” square screen (1440x1440 resolution) is perfect for viewing large documents and provides great clarity in detail that can be shared with patients. Halliwell qualifies that he isn’t a doctor, yet still goes on to say, “I suspect having a clear view of the situation is key in reaching the correct diagnosis. In fields, where decisions can be a matter of health or safety, seeing the whole picture in detail is invaluable.”
But, you’re still looking at a [relatively small] 4.5” screen, and BlackBerry devices aren’t exactly brimming with applications and hardware accessories that support the medical field (Apple’s iPhone leads in that department).

Back in early July, BlackBerry also took its blog to extol the benefits of the Passport’s unorthodox design, stating that is a “marriage of form and function with a rhyme and reason to it.”
BlackBerry is ramping up its efforts on educating the public about its smartphone prowess, and in late June launched the Fact Check Portal to smack down rumors and falsehoods spread by its competitors and the media. However, the company is going to need more than a Fact Check Portal and devices like the Passport to combat it current 0.5 percent market share in the global smartphone market.

Source: BlackBerry

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