High-tech firm Baryonyx has big plans for wind deployments in Texas. The company is also building a series of ultra-secure datacenters.  (Source: Baryonyx)
Move over Mr. Pickens

Texas's wind power renaissance took a hit when oil baron T. Boone Pickens abandoned his massive planned Texas deployment after failing to secure financing for high-power transmission lines.  Now a new company is stepping in and looking to pick up the slack.

Baryonyx will create not just one, but a pair of offshore wind farms (PDF) as the winner of bidding on the contract.  Jerry Patterson, Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office says (PDF) that the new farm "could be the biggest offshore wind farms in the nation".

The project will deploy extra-large 5 MW turbines, for a total capacity of 750 MW.  The turbines will likely be deployed across two sites in the Gulf of Mexico, one in Mustang Island near Corpus Christi and another submerged land off South Padre Island -- two areas which total 19,000 acres.  Baronyx has also leased 8,064 acres of land in Dallam County, an area in the northwest corner of the Texas panhandle.  

Under the arrangement, Baryonyx will produce power for the Texas General Land Office, which will then sell it to schools, prisons, and cities.  The proceeds will go towards the state's Permanent School Fund, which holds the rights to all income garnered from the state's submerged coastal lands.  The arrangement will provide over $338M USD for education over the 30-year life of the lease, according to the government's estimates.

Baronyx isn't just involved with alternative energy, either.  It also is building new Tier 4 data centers--the most secure type of data centers -- in Texas.  The new data centers will be used to house mission-critical services.  It hopes to power the data centers partly with the energy from its wind farms.

Jerry Patterson cheers, "Developing wind energy for Texas is just plain smart, it's not just sustainable energy to power our businesses, it's sustainable funding for public education too."

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