AT&T changes upgrade rules to coincide with two-year contracts

We’re sure that one of the most common questions that people ask when they walk into an AT&T store or call customer service on the phone is, “When can I upgrade?” With new smartphones coming out at a furious pace, customers are often eager to upgrade to the latest and greatest well before they're eligible for a device that is subsidized by the carrier.

AT&T has announced that it is changing its upgrade policy to coincide with its 24-month wireless contracts. The new 24-month upgrade policy (which is an increase from the current 20-month period) applies to any customer whose agreement expires in March 2014 or later.
AT&T will still offer early upgrades after you've completed six months or more of your service commitment at a partial discount. And subscribers can always pay full retail price to get an upgrade any time during their service contract.

The wireless company is also providing its trade-in program allowing you to get at least $100 off the purchase price of a new smartphone.

Source: AT&T

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