ECS and ATI show off RS600 and RD600 boards

DailyTech previously reported ATI was set to introduce new Conroe supporting chipsets in the near future. Motherboards based on the upcoming RS600 and RD600 have been sighted at Computex 2006. ECS has a mATX RS600 board at its booth—the RS600T-M. The purple motherboard has one PCI Express x16, one PCI Express x1, two PCI slots, four SATA II ports and four 240-pin DIMM slots. It looks pretty standard except what’s hidden under the silver ATI heatsink—a Radeon X700 derived graphics core. Those expecting a home theater PC board will be thoroughly disappointed as the RS600T-M lacks a HDMI output.

ATI has been showing off the new RD600 at its booth running a pair of X1900 class graphics cards in CrossFire. The new chipset is expected to have a DDR2-1066 MHz supporting memory controller capable of locking asynchronously from the front-side bus to allow greater overclocking potential. It is expected the RD600 will receive the Radeon Xpress 3200 Intel Edition moniker with its two full speed PCI Express x16 slot capability. RD600 has what ATI calls XpressRoute which appears to be the ATI equivalent to LinkBoost. 

Pricing and availability is unknown at the time but expect RS600 boards to be south of the $100 range and RD600 boards around the $150 range.

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