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The media sphere is shifting quickly to the horror stories of international hacking -- are we on the eve of the next pervasive war?

The Cold War, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror ... we sure have our share of long pervasive wars don't we?

I'll preface this blog by stating I don't have any personal opinion one way or another about the current wars.  War might not be always a necessity, but it's a part of Earth life even down to the cellular level. 

We're still fighting a war in Iraq and a war in Afghanistan, but the media spotlight has already lost interest.  That has to make someone wonder, “What's next?” And there’s always been something next.

There have been a few very important factors in the last few pervasive wars in North America.  The first being that the public did not clearly understand the risks and factors until told so.  Yeah, I saw planes crash into the magnificent New York skyline, but myself and the near-entirety of the U.S. population knew nothing about terrorism as a whole before that day.  

Ronald Regan's war on drugs was similar: who in the U.S. knew anything about cartel overloads in South America, willing to suck the life out of millions of people just to build a bigger, more ostentatious villa in the Colombian hillside?

"What's next?" I ask.  I think, unfortunately, I already know the answer: the cyberwar.  Every day we hear of international governments hacking each other; or at least they're just now getting caught for doing so.  We have incredible masterminds at the helm of unfathomable networks, digitally controlling our identities -- many of which don't care who they work for as long as it pays well.

We're already on the cusp of digital manipulation and forgery for anything and everything.  Who hasn't heard about a database of a million or so social security numbers getting hacked?  In just this last month alone DailyTech pulled up a dozen or so articles detailing major compromises.

All it will take is a single catastrophic event at this point, and the media certainly isn't shy about looking for such a doomsday scenario.  "U.S. Nuclear Labs Hacked," says ABC News today.  The staff writer at ABC probably doesn't realize that Argonne used to host one of the largest U.S. piracy hubs for the better part of a decade; or that of the tens of thousands of machines hosted at those labs, several get hacked each day.

Think of many headlines you read about the next major Windows security flaw that will "certainly" take down the Internet as we know it -- even here at DailyTech I'm ashamed to admit

Cyberwar, if the politicians ever figure out how to describe to the 80-year-old voting demographic, is certainly on the agenda.  The only thing I can wish for is that the wheels of progress and essential liberty do not come to a halt based on the whims of leaders who do not understand the volatile nature of all things digital.

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By GeorgeOrwell on 12/7/2007 9:13:03 PM , Rating: 2
Why do people believe the same old stories, again and again?

"We are being attacked by _________. They are stealing your identities (and raping babies). Please support this new law __________ that will help us WIN the fight against TERROR/EVIL/WRONGDOERS. Our way of life is at stake. You are with us or against us. What do you say, citizen?"

Remember the timing of propaganda is critical. Always need a bit of "we are under attack" when introducing a new class of enforcers. In this case, the Office of the United States Intellectual Property Enforcement Representative (USIPER) which was recently established needs a good kickoff.

In short, get prepared for the end of the open Internet.

By crystal clear on 12/8/2007 3:04:29 AM , Rating: 1
You fail to realize that you are dealing with intelligence agencies in the USA that dont do real work but play the game of play it safe.

YEs play it safe-then they can say we told you so.

If it does really happen the they say WE TOLD YOU.......

IF it does NOT happen then they say-"WE cannot take chances-we got to warn you about potential dangers".

They live a virtual world where scenorios of some attack from no where comes on the USA.

The politicians like these intelligence agencies/reports, as they also play the play it safe game- we told you so

The intelligence agencies heavy dependence on electronics intelligence gathering versus real good old human intelligence gathering is root cause of all its problems.

Their analysis comes straight from the virtual world with fantasies running on the "wildside".

USA intelligence agencies (a long list of them) are competing with each other-wanting to outdo each other for preferencial treatment when it comes to funding or annual budgets.

They do not work as a team nor do they like to do so.

The Israeli intelligence provides hard core realistic evidence in their intelligence gathering.

Much of this is shared with the USA(Govt) & thereby exposing the weakness of the US intelligence agencies.

But the game of politics takes over & all(Israeli intelligence) is dumped or sent to the recylce bin in the bargain.

There is a huge list one can quote-just one example being the famous WMD-Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Yes sir - the game of WE TOLD YOU...........but there were NO WMDs worth the mention.

People have short memories & all is FORGOTTEN in the bargain.

You live in FEAR & FEAR is your real enemy..........

"So if you want to save the planet, feel free to drive your Hummer. Just avoid the drive thru line at McDonalds." -- Michael Asher

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