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AMD plans to keep "Brisbane" around, releases new chips based on it

Things at AMD may have gone from bad to worse with the lackluster Phenom launch in late November.  Not only did Phenom fail to appeal to professional reviewers, but the company ended up removing one third of its CPU lineup just after the big day.

Last week AMD CEO Hector Ruiz vowed that the company would stop hemorrhaging cash and return to profitability soon.  "That is our number one goal right now," Ruiz said in a conference in Bangalore

Making a profit at AMD apparently means refocusing on its older K8 architecture.  The company will introduce eleven 65nm K8 processors over the next two quarters.  By comparison: AMD launched two quad-core K10 Phenom processors in November with three more scheduled over the next two quarters.  Two tri-core Phenom processors will follow in March 2008.

Essentially, AMD will move any remaining Athlon 64 processors from the 90nm node to the 65nm node, with a few new frequency and TDP variations.

The AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ will be the first to jump on the new 65nm K8 bandwagon with a 65W TDP. The previous Windsor-based chip of the same featured an 89-Watt TDP. AMD will also add 100 MHz to the core frequency of the Athlon 64 X2 5600+, now rated at 2.9 GHz. Total L2 cache will be halved in the move to the Brisbane core, and the updated Athlon 64 X2 5600+ chips will feature only 1MB of L2 cache. Availability of these processors is scheduled for Q1 2008.

AMD's higher-end Athlon 64 X2 6400+ and Athlon 64 X2 6000+ will both be discontinued.

AMD will also update its "Energy Efficient" series and will release three new chips, the AMD Athlon 4850e, Athlon 4450e, and Athlon 4050e in Q2 2008. All of the new offerings will be based on AMD's Brisbane core and will feature a 45-Watt thermal envelope. AMD's current energy efficient "BE-2xxx" series will be phased out at that time. Respectively, the new chips will run at 2.5GHz, 2.3GHz and 2.1GHz.

All new Brisbane chips will be based on the Socket AM2 interface.  These processors are compatible with AMD's AM2+ socket designated for Phenom processors.

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Close the doors already
By bull2760 on 12/5/2007 11:04:52 AM , Rating: -1
AMD I've given you 10 years worth of my money in building computers based off your crap, hoping that one day you might get it right. I really am tired of reading about AMD and all it's problems. Hector Ruiz needs to go NOW! He has done nothing to change things around and AMD is sinking into unrecoverable depths. What was once marketed to the public (Phenom will be almost 50% faster than Intel) has turned into a bust. Continued manufacturing problems with no immediate fix in place, here's a clue AMD SOI does not work with your latest core so go another route. So AMD do us all a favor and shut the doors already, I'm tire fo reading about what could/should have been. Intel you now have my money for the next 10 years!

RE: Close the doors already
By DigitalFreak on 12/5/2007 11:17:43 AM , Rating: 3
AMD I've given you 10 years worth of my money in building computers based off your crap, hoping that one day you might get it right.

Then shame on you for being stupid enough to continue giving them your money.

RE: Close the doors already
By anubis44 on 12/5/2007 12:16:36 PM , Rating: 5
So AMD's only produced '10 Years of crap?'

Let's see here:

1999 - K7 processor released, and puts the smack on the Pentium III (oh yeah, THAT was a crappy chip)
2000 - AMD is first to 1GHz with Thunderbird K7 (Looks like AMD's really misfiring here)
2001 - AMD releases Athlon XP
2003 - AMD releases Barton core Athlon XP (remember those?)
Sept. 23rd, 2003 - AMD A64 - AMD kicks Intel's ass with the first 64 bit x86 process: A64 (Yeah, that one was REAL garbage)
April 21, 2005 - AMD A64 X2 - AMDreleases a BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE dual core A64, which is drop in replacement for the single core A64 (Gee, what a FAILIURE the X2 was.)

I'm only STILL using a toledo A64 X2 4400+ chip clocked without voltage adjustment at 2.53GHz on my 3 year old Gigabyte motherboard, and it's still giving me completely excellent performance.

So, all these processors were just 'crap', eh? Methinks you've got your head stuck in a toilet. The A64 was so formidable, Intel was practically having a seizure when they benchmarked it. Then AMD released a dual-core version which worked in the same socket (939) motherboards we already had. If that's not giving us value for the money, then you need to go and re-evaluate your sense of proportion.

RE: Close the doors already
By StevoLincolnite on 12/5/2007 11:25:47 AM , Rating: 3
AMD I've given you 10 years worth of my money in building computers based off your crap, hoping that one day you might get it right.

Hang on... You're the idiot for buying it in the first place even if it didn't meet you're needs, Thats not AMD's fault, that is you're own.

And remember, Phenom is still young, give it time to mature like the Intel Pentium 4 did, that chip my friend didn't truly shine until it reached higher clock speeds.

Intel you now have my money for the next 10 years!

You say that now... But you don't know what the future holds in the Performance/Dollar market and you may change you're mind in 12 months time.

The way I think is: "There is no failed chip, its just the competition is better".

"If you mod me down, I will become more insightful than you can possibly imagine." -- Slashdot
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