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Social networking giant Facebook deals with frustrated users who feel it violated their privacy

Many of Facebook's traditionally carefree users are not so happy these days.  The reason for much of their anger was due to Facebook's launch of new tracking software early last month, which loaded users up with an adware platform dubbed Beacon. 

The program tracked information on customer purchases outside of the site and at participating online retailers -- even if the user was logged off of his or her Facebook account.  The software was used to direct ads to the user when he or she was logged into Facebook, which while a bit invasive for some people's taste, seemed innocuous enough. 

Then came the reports that the Beacon platform was doing a bit more than it should have.  The software would post stories about user purchases in the users' news feeds.  Hopefully those CDs and movies you bought weren't a birthday gift (or hopefully your friend doesn't use Facebook) as it might have just been posted for all to see!  This was a typical sort of frustration that faced users, who felt betrayed by Facebook that the company was exposing their private information and purchase in an intrusive manner.

The move even began to generate political pressure, as many people wrote to their political leaders that Facebook was violating their consumer rights.

Facing mounting pressure, Facebook has now backed down halfway.  Now it is changing the service so that news feed still appear, but require a user to click "OK" before they will be posted to feed that the public can see.

Facebook reaffirmed its support of the Beacon platform as a whole, though, saying it felt that the software was respectful of user privacy.

Facebook is developing a bit of a big brother image with moves like this and a major recent investment from Microsoft.  Whether this effects its wild growth has yet to be seen.  Facebook also has faced negative press lately when it was subpoenaed by the New York state Attorney General over solicitation of minors on the site.

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RE: Why the random links thrown in?
By Screwballl on 12/3/2007 12:39:16 PM , Rating: 2
I wouldn't be kidding, without guidance from MS, they wouldn't have taken this spyware ridden approach that is so notorious with MS. Just check out the MS Live One Care packages and see that it is the lowest rated antivirus/antispyware package ever created by any company. That is sad that MS refuses to even remove a basic cookie as spyware or tracking cookie.

This is also another reason why I avoid social networking sites aside from a few forums where personal info is not needed or suggested. I go out and meet real people, not sit in front of a computer chatting with geeks (I am at work now posting so this doesn't count).

RE: Why the random links thrown in?
By xti on 12/3/2007 1:11:26 PM , Rating: 2
not everyone sits in front of a computer and chats with geeks, facebook started as a university social network only, and gained a lot of popularity as it nicely replaced the paper flyer for a lot of things on campus, as well as help break the ice with new classmates (and then turn into a supplemental communication aid).

Many still use it for its original intents and purposes because its an accepted medium, but thats why opening it up to non students caused a lot of uproar. its been down hill since.

By Oregonian2 on 12/3/2007 2:30:52 PM , Rating: 2
Isn't Beacon the "product" that yahoo uses (there used to be convoluted instructions on how to opt out of it)?

By Snuffalufagus on 12/3/2007 7:33:07 PM , Rating: 2
"without guidance from MS, they wouldn't have taken this spyware ridden approach..."

What the hell! Do you make stuff up all the time or is this a special occasion so you can create a little extra FUD for the holidays? If you can show any proof that this is anything but your own conjecture I'll eat some reindeer poop.

"Nowadays, security guys break the Mac every single day. Every single day, they come out with a total exploit, your machine can be taken over totally. I dare anybody to do that once a month on the Windows machine." -- Bill Gates
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