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Google announced it will bid alone on the 700 MHz wireless spectrum

For many mobile professionals and other enthusiasts being without a wireless Internet connections is unfathomable. But for those outside of large cities the thought of a high-speed wireless network is merely a dream because the service simply isn’t available.

When the FCC first announced in August of 2007 an auction for the newly set aside 700 MHz frequency, rumors started to circulate that Google would be one of the bidders for the frequency spectrum. In July of 2007, right before the FCC announced the bidding would be open, Google said if its requirements were met; it would bid the minimum $4.6 billion USD for the spectrum.

In what was perceived by many as a gearing up of sorts to getting its hands on the 700 MHz wireless frequency, Google and 34 phone industry companies launched the Android mobile phone OS. The new Android OS was seen as a direct competitor to Microsoft’s mobile OS dominance with Windows Mobile.

Today Google made the official announcement that it would file its formal application to participate in the 700MHz auction. Google states its application would be filed on December 3, 2007 with the FCC, which is the first step in the auction process. Google also pointed out that its application did not include any partners.

"We believe it's important to put our money where our principles are," said Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO, Google. "Consumers deserve more competition and innovation than they have in today's wireless world. No matter which bidder ultimately prevails, the real winners of this auction are American consumers who likely will see more choices than ever before in how they access the Internet."

In his Google blog Chris Sacca, Head of Special Initiatives at Google, wrote, “Here at Google, we see the upcoming 700 megahertz spectrum auction at the Federal Communications Commission as one of the best opportunities consumers will have to enjoy more choices in the world of wireless devices.”

There is more to the 700 MHz frequency than simply the chance to offer mobile communications devices. The frequency is able to transmit over long distances with low power requirements meaning that the spectrum could bring broadband Intent connectivity to rural areas that are often only serviced by dial up web connectivity.

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RE: Telekom Google?
By intogamer on 12/1/2007 8:22:07 AM , Rating: 2
Verizon owns 45% stake of VWZ. Yes, they are not directly a whole. Moving to 4G GSM would help connect Vodaphone customers. But if Vodaphone wants the rest of the 45% stake(there could be a good chance), then it would provide substantial money.

Yes, Copper will remove consumer choice, leaving another other POTs company out of the picture. Fiber is something VZ has leverage against Cable compared to DSL. They can provide additionally TV. VZ has more to offer now. The money comes in the play can help the roll out here and future technologies.

ATT can milk even more customers in Canada. As they are one of the countries with capped connections.

I can agree that Google wants to data mine everything. But the advertising model won't put out substantially forever.

I'm saying that if Google becomes a Tier provider would be saving costs. The servers and home users are the customers of a 'teleco' which wouldn't be Comcast/Verizon but Tier2 and Tier1 providers. In which will serve to Tier3 telecommunications. "Telekom Google" was just my title.

Google can continue to pursue their "we are good people" by indirectly being an internet provider connecting all their servers to everybody else. If general public doesn't see Google as a VZ or AT&T monopoly then Google is still in the green.

RE: Telekom Google?
By robertgu2k on 12/3/2007 5:32:44 PM , Rating: 3

Verizon owns 55% of Cellco (Verizon Wireless) which is the partnership of Verizon Communications and Vodafone. Thus Vodafone owns 45% of Cellco. The more likely event would be for Verizon Communications to buyout Vodafone rather than the other way around. Since without Verizon Wireless, Verizon Communications is basically useless (VZW makes up the bulk of Verizon Communications growth).

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