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AMD guidance details the backwards and forwards compatibility of the AM2, AM2+ and AM3 sockets.  (Source: AMD)

AMD details its platform progression identically to Intel's "tick-tock" architecture roadmap.  (Source: AMD)
AMD announces its Spider Platform in what could be its biggest launch of all time

Tomorrow marks the launch of AMD's platform launch, codenamed Spider. The launch consists of three components: AMD Phenom processors, the ATI Radeon HD 3800 graphics processor and AMD 7-Series desktop chipsets.

The first new AMD desktop architecture in four years will debut with the Phenom 9500 and Phenom 9600. Both chips feature a 95-Watt thermal envelope and a shared 2MB L3 cache.

The AMD Phenom 9600 ships with a 2.3GHz operating frequency, while the Phenom 9500 features a slightly lower 2.2GHz clock. Both processors run on HyperTransport 3.0 and feature a total 2MB L2 cache; 512KB per core. The chips also come with an integrated DDR2 memory controller and support speeds up to the DDR2-1066 specification, which is still pending JEDEC approval. carries the Phenom 9600 at a retail price of $322.00 and the Phenom 9500 at $286.00.

AMD guidance originally stated that a 2.4GHz Phenom, dubbed the Phenom 9700, would also launch on November 19, however last minute roadmap updates indicate this chip will come in December instead.

These two Phenom processors are part of AMD's first-generation, 65nm Stars family. In the second-half of 2008 AMD will announce its second-generation Stars family, which will be a migration of the current K10 core to the 45nm node.

The second-gen Stars lineup consists of five variants, including quad-core Deneb, dual-core Propus, dual-core Regor and single-core Sargas. The second-generation Stars CPUs will also include an integrated DDR3 memory controller, a first for AMD.

AMD's Spider Platform launch also includes the official announcement of its ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series. The launch of the Spider platform will add two new video cards to AMD's lineup, the ATI Radeon HD 3870 and Radeon HD 3850. 

AMD's new Radeon series received overwhelmingly positive feedback during AMD's November 15 media event.  Newegg representatives tell DailyTech the company sold out all of its stock on the first day, but is quickly replenishing inventory.

To round off the launch of the platform, AMD also announced its 7-Series desktop chipsets. The AMD 790FX targets the ultra-enthusiast market segment, and corporate guidance sets the retail price of 790FX boards between $150-250. Several partners already announced boards supporting this new chipset earlier this year.

AMD designates the AMD 790X as its performance chipset, slotted just below the 790FX.  AMD guidance states this chipset will run the consumer between $99-150.  The mainstream AMD 770 chipset will not see store shelves for several months, but AMD claims this chip will round off the mainstream segment for AMD chipsets. 

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Well after reviewing..
By excrucio on 11/19/2007 12:29:37 PM , Rating: 2
Well after reviewing... If you really think about it, AMD offers the cheapest quad core solution in the market right now. Being such a small company on a limited amount of money, they did a great job in creating such a cheap and good CPU, their crow imo is in the opterons. AMD is slowly lauching their quads which was reported as a failure when it couldn't bring a 3.0ghz to the table. The 9700 phenom will come at a 2.6 speed hopefully bringing more juice to the table, if not oh well.

One thing is given, Intel will never be the ONLY company to make processors for the fact that monopoly is not acceptable in the US.

AMD has a long way to bring CPU like the dual cores that killed the Smithfields.

In my head the war of the CPU will stop sometime when it hits the 32nm when things start to get complicated.

The thing people dont see is that AMD gives a cpu for the buck, like their AMD 6000+ that never made anywhere because the prices were too high. But when the price cuts came, the 6000+ where competing with the best selling processor E6600, not because of the price, the performance was just great equivalent to the E6600.

I dont see why Phenom can't reach the highest Quad of Intel (NOT THE EXTREME)

Extreme is just some costy processor that intel has time to spend on while AMD has to fight for a piece of the kingdom while Intel enjoy the ride. That's why I stick to AMD, they'll always try to give you what you need and they succeed, while intel just gives you what you need and more but sometimes sloppy.

thats my thoughts on the two compenies. BOTH GREAT COMPANIES but i tend to be an AMD fanboy. Although I won't reject a Intel cpu at anytime. =]

BTW Opterons are the s h i t

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