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HD DVD, for better or worse

Back in August I purchased an HD-A20 player from Amazon, and promptly enjoyed hours of HD Movies. This turned south when one day after powering it on, I was unable to get any sound out of it. After a few minutes of troubleshooting I was able to get it to play Audio from a Music CD, but it would refuse to play Audio from a DVD or HD DVD. Kind of defeats the purpose of the player. I upgraded the firmware and the problem went away, but I was wary of powering it off again, so I left it on non-stop until late October.

The next time I powered up the player, I got no sound, just like before. After spending all weekend trying to fix it I promptly threw in the towel and decided to call Toshiba. They told me to send the unit in and they would fix it. Bummer, I was trying to watch my copy of Transformers.

The service center is located in Massachusetts luckily so it was just a quick trip up the east coast. I did not have a box to ship it in so I cleverly staked out my local Wal-Mart and picked up the HD-A2 for $98 on that crisp Friday morning. My intent was to give the HD-A2 to my dad as an early Christmas gift and then use the box to ship my HD-A20 off to service.

It was all for naught when I found myself unable to get a video feed on the HD-A2 so we could set it up. I promptly called Toshiba to obtain a second Service Order number so I could send the HD-A2 up as well. I was able to get to Kinkos in time to make the nightly shipment and just had them pack my HD-A20 since I was again without a box.

My bad luck continued while my players are out for repairs, the 5 free HD DVD’s I had sent in for back in August showed up this week. Perfect timing of course, seeing as I had no means to play them.

As of Today my HD-A2 has arrived and is working, not a bad 5 business day turn around that included shipping up and back. However my HD-A20 seems to have died. Toshiba called me today to inform me it could not be saved. On the bright side, in 5 business days should be arriving a brand spanking new HD-A30 at no charge straight from Toshiba. Hopefully it will also include the 2 free movies in the box.

So while my experience with HD DVD so far has had mixed results, I can say for certain that Toshiba's service seems quite excellent on the off chance you do have a problem. The wait to speak to someone ranged from 5-15 minutes, but the representatives were pretty quick to write up a service ticket and give me the information to send the units away.

My rep quoted me a 3 business day repair time and 2 day back through FedEx. Good service that is quite rare in the electronics market today. Kudos Toshiba.

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Giving Some Balance
By BDRand on 11/19/2007 9:29:05 AM , Rating: 2
Having read this piece and its attendant comments I feel it's only fair to share my experience with Toshiba products. Thus far, everything here seems to imply that Toshiba product quality is poor, which has not been my experience at all.
I own three Toshiba products... A portable DVD player which I have owned for nearly two years. It has performed perfectly through much use. I also own a Toshiba 42" LCD television which also has provided flawless performance. Connected to this television is a Toshiba HD-A20
HD DVD player which also has proven to be rock solid.
The truth of the matter is that I go out of my way to consistently purchase Toshiba products based on personal experience with the brand and based on the excellent quality reputation of the same.
I'm sorry that some folks have had problems, but I can share similar tales of woe related to several other brand names. I can only say that Toshiba has served me well.
I do agree with the article and comments regarding Toshiba customer service. I have contacted Toshiba on a few occasions with technical questions and representatives have been prompt, courteous, and knowlegeable. Customer service is also USA (Iowa) based providing easy communication.
For me Toshiba equals excellent products and excellent support.
Hope this balances things out somewhat.

RE: Giving Some Balance
By Master Kenobi on 11/19/2007 1:11:52 PM , Rating: 2
True enough, I'm still knee deep in the HD DVD camp and will likely continue buying newer players down the road for relatives/friends/etc... but it just was kind of lousy. As someone pointed out now would not be a good time to buy lottery tickets for me :P

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