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The robot roach interacting with its live counterparts
New robots mimic, confuse live insects

A group of researchers led by Jose Halloy from the Université Libré de Bruxelles has succeeded in building a robotic cockroach convincing enough to fool the real thing. 

The robots looked nothing like real cockroaches, but were programmed with similiar behavior patterns.  Initially, the live bugs fled in fear from their robotic counterparts until Halloy hit upon the idea of coating his creations with roach pheremones.   The chemicals, which gave the robots the unique "smell" of a live roach, allowed the machines to be accepted as normal members of the roach clan. 

Most importantly, the robot cockroaches were actually able influence the behavior of the entire clan.  Normally cockroaches prefer dark places, and make a "collective" decision to pick a common shelter.  However, robotic infiltrators programmed to prefer brightly-lit shelters were often able to convince the entire roach clan to migrate to the new area.

In other cases, the live cockroaches were able to override the programming of the robots and force them to continue to nest in dark shelters.  According to Halloy, such experiments are critical to understanding the basis of biological intelligence and decision-making.

Halloy said his next step may be to build a robot chicken convincing enough for baby chicks to accept.  His research appears in the Thursday edition of the journal Science.

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RE: Wait a tick...
By sj420 on 11/16/2007 2:34:18 PM , Rating: 2
"Orkin men rejoice"

Heh, thats what I was thinking. They could use the robotic one to lure the live ones to their ultimate DEATH!

Would help the orkin man a lot I figure. Damn roaches.

What is also scary is the fact that they have a robot that looks similar and can perform similar basic functions like a real roach. Just a simple pheromone makes it acceptable to the living ones. Well you could do lots with this, talk about spying in a real sense. If you can even catch a roach to smash it, this one might not even smash.

I am confused though what do they mean by the live roaches were able to reprogram the robot to go to a dark area? How? Or is that some experiment they are talking about for the near future or whatever?

RE: Wait a tick...
By masher2 on 11/16/2007 3:13:04 PM , Rating: 2
> "I am confused though what do they mean by the live roaches were able to reprogram the robot to go to a dark area? How?"

The robots were programmed to act similar to live roaches. They thus had two occasionally conflicting imperatives for behavior. 1) seek appropriate shelter, and 2) remain near other roaches. So a robot roach wouldn't simply move to a brightly-lit might gravitate towards it, but only if other (live) roaches followed it.

In some cases, the robot was able to change the decision of the entire herd. In others, the behavior of the live roaches overrode its shelter-seeking imperative.

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