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Lesbian alien sexual relations rejected, accepted by Singapore

While the holiday season has always been a busy time for gamers, 2007 is shaping up to be the best yet. Gamers who own more than one system will have more gaming than they can possibly handle, which certainly isn’t a bad problem to have.

Mass Effect Banned for Lesbian Alien Sex
Upon learning that BioWare’s Mass Effect for the Xbox 360 will allow players with female avatars to engage in rather intimate relations with members of the same sex (but not the same species), Singapore’s censors body has banned the game for sale in the region. “Mass Effect, a futuristic space adventure published by Microsoft Corp., has been banned because of ‘lesbian intimacy,’” said Chetra S., deputy director of the Board of Film Censors, in a statement.

Wait, Mass Effect Unbanned Despite Lesbian Alien Sex
The ban was soon reversed, perhaps after the censor board decided to investigate the material of which they had banned. According to the Straits Times, the game will now be allowed for sale but will bear an “M18” rating.

Street Date Broken on Mass Effect
Those of you down under may be able to get your Alien love on a little earlier than everyone else. According to Kotaku’s resident Australian, a logistics error has made Mass Effect available at several EB Games in the country. Several Kmart stores in the U.S. have also been cited as selling BioWare’s RPG early.

Assassin’s Creed on Xbox 360 vs. PS3

If you have no clue what the supposed "twist" in Assassin’s Creed is, which supposedly occurs in the first five minutes of the game, then be advised that viewing the video will spoil it. If spoilers do not bother you or you simply must know which version is superior, then check out the GameTrailers HD comparison.

Reminder: Download Carcassonne on Xbox Live for Free

As part of Microsoft’s fifth anniversary celebration of its Xbox Live service, it is offering the Xbox Live Arcade game Carcassonne free of charge until the end of November 16. If you haven’t done so yet, log on and get your free game before midnight PDT today.

Vote for Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3 on

Amazon is having another one of its zany vote-for-the-sale, placing the Wii at $79, the 40GB PS3 at $139 and the Xbox 360 Arcade at $99. There’s a catch and much of it is up to chance, but for those who manage to score, it’ll be one sweet deal.

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GT's PS3 vs Xbox AC comparison is so lame & bogus
By Hafgrim on 11/17/2007 4:04:51 PM , Rating: 2
GT's PS3 vs Xbox has to be the lamest & most bogus comparison I have ever seen.
..Because how did GT compare a 1080p screen capture in a video window size the size of a postage stamp on a computer screen without video compression inaccuracies occurring? The only way to compare that game would have been to take video from both games playing on a 1080p tv fullscreen. and then take selected pieces of the screen that would fit in a computer window and not that bogusness they showed where they somehow got the 1080p fullscreen scaled down to fit a 800x600 half screen size and they call it fare! lol..
..Oh, And what really takes the cake even more is the only zoomed section they did was the part where the old "one-eyed" man is talking and put the deformed eye side on the PS3's side. omg.. lol to funny! GT has lost what little if any honest reputation they may have had with that whole thing... GT that was Totally lame.

oh, and not to be a party pooper but as for the supposed alien sex scene. How is that a sex scene? lol The commander could have very well been strangling & killing that blue alien girl instead from what I saw in the video shown for giving her a dull fortune teller reading. -_^

Hehe, And no im not one of those PS3 spittle wiping fan boys as one famed DT poster wrote so hilariously about the whole HDdvd blu-ray debacle a couple days ago.

By bangmal on 11/18/2007 4:59:45 AM , Rating: 2
Another crying ps3 fangirl.
They did a COD4 comparison too, almost identical.
Why this time ps3 get owned? ps3 can handle COD4, but AC needs a better hardware to display the quality that it delivers, ps3 fails that and shows how suck it does when it comes to play games.
It is not a bad blu-ray player though.

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