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Apple pokes fun at Microsoft's Vista woes in its latest advertisements... again
Microsoft rolls along with SP1 updates

While Apple is using its latest round of TV commercials to further push the butcher knife into Windows Vista -- specifically, Microsoft's decision to extend the sales of Windows XP and allow users to downgrade Vista to Windows XP -- the boys in Redmond are hard at work on the first service pack for the operating system.

Microsoft released the Service Pack 1 (SP1) beta to a select group of testers in late September. The update cured many of the ailments that afflicted Windows Vista since its retail release on January 30.

"Improvements were also noticeable in resuming from Hibernation or Sleep on both my desktop PC and laptop running SP1," remarked Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc in September. "I discovered copying files from one directory to another is a bit faster. And on my laptop - battery life seems to be improved since running SP1. I have also noticed that transferring files to my shares on my Windows Home Server are a bit faster than they were previously without SP1. Overall performance in accessing my mapped network shares is improved as well."

Yesterday, Microsoft released a new Release Candidate (RC) build (6001-17042-071107-1618) of SP1 to testers. The latest build weighs in at 434.84MB for the x86 version and 734.3MB for the x64 version.

Testers who already have the previous SP1 beta installed, however, will run into somewhat of a roadblock when it comes to the new RC build.

"Windows Vista SP1 does not support build-to-build upgrades," states Microsoft. "Therefore, if you have installed a previously release build on your machine, you have to uninstall this old build before installing the next build of Windows Vista SP1."

Windows Vista SP1 RC is currently available for download from the Microsoft Connect website for current SP1 testers.

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It's Popular
By rupaniii on 11/16/2007 11:27:40 AM , Rating: 2
Apple has risen to success by riding popularity itself.
PDA's never really took off. Hence, Newton a failure.
MP3 Players were hugely popular.
Apple said, OK.
Lets redesign that. It's a Digital Music Player.
OK. We will release a great one, with ease of use.
We will however tie it to our own service that only we use.
Then, we will strive to make that service the best.
For better or worse, iTunes is a digital media crossroads like no other.

So, Making fun of things is popular. Humor is popular.
You can either yell at things that frustrate you or make fun of them.
Windows frustrates people.
Vista INFURIATES people.
Apple, always has seen Windows as something that frustrates them.
BINGO, It's popular to make fun of Windows.
But, we'll call him PC. We don't sell a competitor to Windows. We sell a competing HARDWARE PLATFORM with proprietary Software, though, it is based on freeware BSD.
So, we will make fun of the PC Platform.
SmartPhones frustrate people. They have 'features' no one uses. At least, well, Windows ones. They are slow and Clunky. It would be great to make the best phone in the POPULAR SmartPhone category. Oh,and, we'll need our own service for that. Yup, we have to control it to deliver it.
The problem with those is the speed and code. Ok, we'll make the slickest mose functional smartphone in history.
DONE, it's called the iPhone. It'll really work when the 4G or WiMaxx version hits.
Now, it seems to me that Internet Service is Popular... you think the 700mhz band auction is Google learning from Steve Jobs?

RE: It's Popular
By maven81 on 11/16/2007 1:26:06 PM , Rating: 2
Sure making fun of things is popular, but...
The problem with the apple ads isn't always what they say, it's what they imply...

For instance by saying that PCs crash, you're implying that somehow macs don't have that problem. Yet anyone with any serious experience with macs will tell you that's not true.
By saying that PCs are good at "business stuff" they are implying that it's the ONLY thing PCs are good for, which is nonsense... I'm a designer and I use macs at work and PCs at home.
When Vista came out apple got really scared... a lot of what they were touting as serious windows issues were alleviated. Windows is more secure, "pretty", and feature rich. So the claws came out...
What's really ironic about the newer vista ads though, is that Leopard was late... Leopard users are reverting to tiger, and even with the latest bug fix release many people are disappointed with it. Apple doesn't have a leg to stand on.

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.” -- Steve Jobs
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