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ATI Radeon HD 3870/3850 @ PC Perspective
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my feelings
By Lightning III on 11/15/2007 2:12:48 PM , Rating: 4
Personally i think considering what the 3870 is fighting its doing incredibly well. by that i mean the situation of the 8800gt rather than the card itself. the "way its meant to be played" situation is, maybe only to me or maybe to everyone, starting to bare a striking similarity to antitrust behaviours. I'm not sure if they directly apply here. but isn't throwing bag loads of money at a software company to all but sabotage the performance of another competing companies products just, i don't really know, just wrong.
In non "TWIMTBP" titles ati are pretty damn competitive with a card that has near 100 million less transistors, and of those it has a lot are dedicated to the ring bus, UVD features and dx10.1 features which means not all of those 666 transistors are comparible to the 8800gt's. So its got an efficient architechture in games that aren't sabotaged before they are even in a playable alpha state.
While i've had a few glitches with the 2900xt and 64bit stability, its not a patch on the troubles i had with 64 bit stability with a 8800gtx.
The other thing reviews seem to miss would be this, because of ATi's seeming reluctance to drop in more ROP's and texture units its highend fps rate is severly limited when its at its worst and can only do 8pixels per clock(i believe the rops work at half speed when using FP32 numbers). but this doesn't effect mimimum framerates as much. when will all reviews show average max and min. one or two reviews showed the GT getting higher max/average but a lower minimum framerate
How useful are average framerates, semi, but what if a card is not getting lower than 30fps, but barely hitting above 60fps, and another due to raw power can peak at 150fps frequently, but often drops to 10fps. the highs outweigh the lows and can cause the average to be higher making the card appear much faster, when in reality, its not as good
Personally i think "TWIMTBP" program needs to be scrapped in favour of both companies being able to work with game makers to make the best games they can, rather than one company being able to hold the other company hostage by buying performance
Even more weirdly, isn't this kind of situation, where a company is almost actively sabotaged, the kind of things american's love to sue everyone over? ok, i think ATi are cannucks, but they must have an american in their PR department somewhere, they get everywhere.
posted by : Drunkenmaster, 15 November 2007 TechFinder

too bad it was eloquently written by someone else

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