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ASUS Eee PC 4G  (Source: DailyTech, Chris Peredun)
ASUS to bring more to the table with the Eee PC 8G

ASUS' new Eee PC 4G is undoubtedly a hit with consumers and reviewers. The device is small, lightweight and performs quite well despite its aging processor and chipset.

The Eee PC 4G, however, hasn't been without its criticisms. Many consumers have pointed to the device's limited 4GB solid-state disk (SSD). That problem can be mostly alleviated, however, with the addition of a high-capacity SD or SDHC card to be used as secondary storage.

The other, more prominent criticism has been the Eee PC's 7" display. While 7" screen is nothing to scoff at, the screen resolution is a mere 800x480. Worst yet, the screen is rather awkwardly flanked by two speakers and a sea of black plastic.

ASUS is on course to right both of those wrongs with a new Eee PC variant due out next year [German translation]. The 8G, which is still in development, will feature 8GB of internal storage as its name suggests. Likewise, the screen will be bumped up to a full 10" in place of the 7" unit currently in use. There is no word on what the screen resolution will be, but 1024x600 is likely a good guess.

According to ASUS spokesman Holger Schmidt, the overall footprint of the 8G model will be the same as the 4G -- this means that the speakers and built-in webcam will likely have to be repositioned.

It's still too early to determine pricing for 10", 8G, but one could reasonably imagine a $499 USD price tag which would keep it in line with the rest of the Eee PC family.

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RE: Don't know if it's worth it...
By plewis00 on 11/14/2007 12:21:27 PM , Rating: 5
Why are there so many of you comparing it to a full-size PC or Mac laptop? By your thinking I could also purchase a Core 2 Duo desktop with a 19" LCD screen, 200Gb hard disk and DVD burner brand new for the same money and that would be much much faster and give me more for my money...

Ever consider that there is pretty much nothing at this kind of size at this kind of price. The closest things to this size-wise are the Sony T, TR, TX or TZ series (and other specialist machines like Toshiba Librettos) which these EEE PCs seem to be modelled on and those cost upwards of £1000, this is under a quarter of that - you couldn't even buy a used Sony T-series for that price. You seem to be completely missing the point; you're comparing a significantly larger machine with therefore more space for bigger, higher-performance components with a relatively tiny, lightweight laptop.

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