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The new service aims to save divorce filers time and money

It looks like you will soon be able to do more than just online shopping and download tunes via the internetThe South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting a new development in Broward County, South Florida, concerning online legality.  In what can perhaps be seen as a sad reflection of our times, the county has just launched online services which allow married couples to apply for divorce online.

The site will guide residents through the legal steps to getting a divorce.  The system is designed to help people with low income save money by foregoing attorney fees.  The various steps on the site contain full information, including legal definitions.  They also have sets of questions to help users determine which forms they need to fill out.

"It kind of guides you through, it asks questions. Once it knows your name, it will put it in every space it should go," Kris Mazzeo, director of the circuit/civil family division of the clerk of courts, said.

Once residents complete the online forms necessary, they merely have to mail the signed forms to the county clerk's office.  Some forms do require a notary signature.

Broward County officials feel the service will save its citizens time and inconvenience.

"People come downtown and it's expensive to park. If we can keep them from making extra trips to the courthouse, it would be great for them," director Mazzeo said.

The city may also have some selfish motives in adopting this change of policy.  The online application process is expected to simplify the paperwork needed by the county clerks and eliminate incomplete applications and angry customers.

Broward County is also launching similar legal services for small claims lawsuits and tenant evictions.

Broward County is not the first county to bring its divorce process online.  The opulent Palm Beach County also has adopted such a system, along with several others.

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RE: Hah, yay for singleism
By sj420 on 11/14/2007 2:10:34 PM , Rating: 0
I understand your perspective and notice that many my age would post something similar to what I posted.

I am a very observant person and I notice what goes on in relationships. So far, all three of my sisters (one is a half sister) are having horrible relationships in my view. One has too many kids and an ex-officer husband, and the two others have immature assholes for husbands that just verbally and mentally abuse them. My own parents are still having conflict over completely stupid things, yelling mad at each other, for stupid reasons. It is just dumb and pointless to try and find someone because in the end it doesn't work the way you wanted. Typically because people hide the way they really are until they themselves discover how they are decades later when they are drunk every evening, yelling at their spouse and children for minor little juvenile things like: "Why is the thermostat 2 above what I set it at?". I don't want to get married, its pointless and puts way more stress on an earthling than intended in life. Besides it literally is a waste of time trying to know someone when they will just lie, hide things, not bring things up, forget, etc, because twenty years down the road you notice they do that one little thing you absolutely hate EVERY DAY if not commonly all day long.

However, the children that come out of that I can see clearly the way a parenting couple can feel about their child. It is apart of them, it is a sign of true human-body mingling. You see that child with the best care you can give them, making sure they understand things correctly, know moral values, and grow up right and safely. My only problem is that women now adays are a bit concieted and selfish. Just like that commercial (which I cannot stand and never watch) where the bar-tap chick tries to explain how women think they can get a man with everything. Mind, muscles, looks, money, a nice car and house, etc. That is really arrogant and really pretty much makes me build a wall to prevent any contact with such lifeless blobs of mush. I don't know why they think this is obtainable in todays world but the only way it happens is through pron and I don't think women these days care anymore about selling themselves- they see it as: "I can get laid by a fat prick like I want AND I get paid!" its a win-win for them, hell they call it another job- another form of employment- when they say they have a job you better ask where they work and if it has "studio" in the name run! Even if it isn't THAT bad they still always have a few saddles to take out of the barn and ride.

And just yeah, I don't even like waking up by myself and doing my own morning routine, let alone with someone elses morning breath in my face.

I guess it just bothers me because there are too many conflicting interests, when you meet someone there is that ONE thing that bothers you to the point that you can't stand 'em. You don't find that one thing out until two decades later! Its a dead-end in my view. I had one really bad relationship a few years back where ANYTHING this cali chick didn't like she tried to make me change about myself. Needless to say I lost my virginity to two other chicks at the same time and told that little girl off for good. AND EVEN THEN losing it was BORING. LOOSE BASTARDS!

So I just go it alone, so I doubt I will even consider marriage for a good decade. If at all.

RE: Hah, yay for singleism
By Lord 666 on 11/14/2007 2:24:17 PM , Rating: 2
How much porn on your harddrive might dicatate how long you want to stay all by yourself.

Judging from the amount of time on your hands to write these graduate thesis replies, it might be time to just step away from the computer son.

RE: Hah, yay for singleism
By sj420 on 11/14/2007 7:09:21 PM , Rating: 1
I have 0 on my HDD, only a fool keeps it on his HDD.

It doesn't take long at all, writing 100+ WPM it really takes less then 5-10 minutes. I actually like to think for longer than two sentences, unlike many americans.

But first, father, I won't step away from the computer but to STAB YOU WITH THIS LIGHTSABER~!

A computer is like the new source of all information. It is like reading a book, constantly, the book always updating with new information. It is an important tool in these pioneering years for the future. Do not neglect it.

As for my point on divorce and to stop from going off topic from divorce, if someone really thinks they can stay together they will. They won't need to get married to prove they can, after all it is just a tax difference and a label. If those things are just meaningless fake realities to you then marriage all together is useless.

Therefor, there would be no divorce, because those that would want to stay with each other would.

Not in this world. Love is not a concern, money is a matter. If you are in it for love you will be hurt.

RE: Hah, yay for singleism
By Master Kenobi on 11/14/2007 7:10:31 PM , Rating: 2
That's not a bad idea. They say women mature faster than men... but I'm not entirely sure thats true anymore. I know several women in the 28-30 range that still party, get wasted, come into work monday morning with massive hang overs, and demonstrate the inability to properly plan out their careers, finances, futures in general. They all have boyfriends and will likely get married because.....
1) The boyfriend is pretty stupid to want to put up with this.
2) The boyfriend is no better. (Most likely)
3) Divorce waiting to happen because Marriage is like this mythical thing they think solves all problems and then once reality hits them in the face with the cold water they run away from it and back to the "good times". (Very Common)

Want my advice? If your wife is as career and financially successful as you, keep her. If she isn't and has the classic problems of poor planning, financial stupidity, constant lush, then don't even waste your time. You will just end up raising her along with your kids (Works the other way if you are a woman and marry a loser for a husband, same advice applies.)

RE: Hah, yay for singleism
By TomZ on 11/14/2007 7:17:55 PM , Rating: 1
LOL, your advice is pretty funny, especially the part about taking care of your wife like a child. In most cases I've ever seen, exactly the opposite is true - the wife takes care of the children as well as the husband as if he were another child.

I also think you should broaden your perspectives in terms of the value of a woman. There's more to life than marrying an exact clone of yourself. :o)

RE: Hah, yay for singleism
By Master Kenobi on 11/15/2007 9:06:40 AM , Rating: 2
Value of a man or woman is in question here. People hold no inherent value unless you have a use for them. Kids are a nuisance and the population of the planet is already on the high side. Not having kids is a good financial decision, as well as helps to decrease the booming human population.

As for the value of a woman, no different from the value of a man. Both can be just as worthless to the opposite gender.

RE: Hah, yay for singleism
By clovell on 11/15/2007 12:07:55 PM , Rating: 1
The world population isn't exactly 'booming', and while kids can be a nuisance sometimes, more often they're awesome. People have inherent value, rights, and freedoms - our country is based on these principles.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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