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As the holiday shopping season quickly sneaks up on all of us, I know many of you are going to turn to the Internet when trying to find gifts for loved ones.  We all know e-retailers like, and Newegg are reliable sites, but what about lesser known stores?  Should you risk the possibility of getting scammed?  What can you do to be sure the site is legitimate?  I'm going to offer several different resources I hope will be beneficial as you shop online.

Aside from word of mouth, which we all know is helpful; there are several different resources available online for you to quickly browse.  Sites such as, Pricewatch, ResellerRatings, and offer users the ability to look for the best possible prices for a wide variety of different items.

Use AnandTech, SlickDeals, and FatWallet as further tools to find hot deals and rebates discovered by fellow shoppers.

If you find a product with a low price on a web site you're not familiar with, there are two quick methods I recommend utilizing before breaking out the credit card.  I first recommend checking the Better Business Bureau, which allows you to see if the company has a good rating with the BBB.  If the company has a poor rating with the BBB, you should be hesitant about shopping with them.  The second option is to check, an online resource designed so users can evaluate online retailers. offers more than 250,000 user reviews on 13,428 retailers.

"Research is a key aspect of shopping knowledge, which is where ResellerRatings comes into play," said Robert Richmond, Marketing Specialist.  "By cross correlating price search data with vendor reviews at ResellerRatings, consumers can best gauge where and how to spend their money."

If you're worried about possible fraud, Richmond also recommends using credit cards -- not debit cards -- as "the best insurance" against possible fraud.

Good luck!

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